Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sugarpill: Review

Well. I have finally joined the club. Which club, you ask? The Sugarpill fan club, of course!! Yes, I know, it took me long enough--but I joined eventually, so give me a little bit of credit!

When I saw that Sugarpill was having a 1 year anniversary sale on the 14th of February, I could NOT be stopped from putting in my very first order. And since this was my very first order, I did not mess around. I wanted every vegan pressed shadow they offer and then I also wanted a range of the loose "ChromaLust" eyeshadows to try out. And let me tell you, Sugarpill lived up to my expectations.

Side Note: Amy, of Sugarpill, mentioned on their FB Fanpage the other day that Tako (their pressed "white") and Bulletproof (their pressed "black") will soon also be vegan, and I am overjoyed about that!!

Edit (03/23/2011): Tako is now listed as vegan on the Sugarpill website! Go buy it!! :D

I received my package as the sun was setting--so I apologize for the pictures not being as awesome as they could be--but once I get the flash involved, you'll be even more impressed, I promise!

As I was expecting, my package arrived in the adorable white box that everyone raves about. Include a kitty on things and I am pretty much sold!

The inside of the box was sooooooooo neatly packaged. I don't think my products budged an inch!

My invoice had a nice personalized thank you--an awesome touch.

The inside of the package was packaged as immaculately as the outside:

And there were a few extras hiding out underneath. A cute sparkly sticker, a neato business card and a sample of their ChromaLust loose eyeshadow in "Lumi."

To start out with, I ordered five ChromaLust loose eyeshadows. Magentric, Tipsy, Weekender, Darling and Goldilux (I purchased Goldilux for a friend, so it won't appear in my swatches or pot pictures--I didn't want to mess around with the pretty box!). First: the packaging. Adorable. I don't want to recycle them!! I loved that each pigment came in a box that had its ingredients listed on the backside.

(Yes, things got a little bit flipped around here! On the right side of the picture: clockwise from the top left: Magentric, Tipsy, Darling, Goldilux, Weekender. You can see I got them swapped around on the left side of the picture--whoops!!)

The tops of the jars have the Sugarpill logo on them. It isn't a sticker--the logo is printed on the lid itself. Very cool!

And inside the jars...wonderfulness.

(No flash: Magentric (t-l), Darling (t-r), Weekender (b-l) and Tipsy (b-r))

(With flash! Such an amazing magenta, teal, purple and green. Eeee!!)

How pretty are those?!! GAH! And swatched, over BARE skin (no primer, with flash):

(Darling, Tipsy, Magentric, Weekender)

These loose eyeshadows are seriously wonderful. They are sparkly, smooth and so CLINGY (in a good way!) to a brush. I'm all kinds of amazed by them.

Then on to the pressed. Again, with their freakin' adorable packaging!

The cases look like this:

And a close up of each:

Poison Plum: A red-based purple with a slight pearlyness/sparkle factor.

Buttercupcake: The perfect matte yellow.

Afterparty: A super blue with amazing shimmer.

Midori: A lovely green with sheen.

Swatched, the pressed shadows look like this (again, NO base or primer):

My fingers were very happy after all of this swatching, let me tell you.

I couldn't wait to start playing, either.

Buttercupcake>Magentric with Poison Plum on the outer corner.


Buttercupcake (do you see a pattern, cause I sure don't...)>Darling. Madd Style Cosmetics Up in Smoke "White" used as brow highlight and duct colour.

I will definitely be purchasing from Sugarpill again. The quality of the product is superb and worth every penny. I totally need the pressed white and black, once they are released as vegan. Oh, do I ever need them.


  1. The ladies on MJA (why aren't you on that Facebook group???) talk about Sugarpill all the time. Looks like some awesome colors! *drools*

  2. I was in MJA at the very very start, but when things got rocky (ie: drama-y), I jumped ship! Ha ha. Sugarpill definitely lived up to my expectations, as you can see!! :)