Monday, August 10, 2015

Real Techniques Eyelining Set (Collector's Edition)

Hi, hello!!

It's been a long time, I know!!  But I picked up these brushes the other day and felt like I should blog about them today! :)

I was helping a friend pick out some foundation at Sephora over the weekend when I realized she didn't own any foundation brushes (not that you *need* a foundation brush, but you guys know me and my brushes--can't ever have enough of those!) and thus began our conversation about makeup sponges.  She wanted to be able to get a bag of sponges from the dollar store or something I told her that that just wouldn't do!  Hah.  So we walked into a London Drugs and I found a two pack of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponges and I figured that'd be perfect--I got one for her to try and a second for myself!   Everyone wins!  Low and behold, though, beside the sponges was this new Eyelining Set that I just couldn't refuse!

Did I *need* more eyeliner brushes?  No.  But I had to get them!  For science!  ;)

I think they cost me about $23, and for 4 brushes I figured that wasn't too bad of a deal.  The little pouch they come with is something I likely won't use, but it seems functional enough.  I could see myself using it when traveling, maybe.  

The brushes came protected in a little slotted plastic thing that kept the brushes in place.  It worked well and there was no annoying glue holding them in--which is nice!

I hadn't realized until I started getting my other RT brushes out for comparison that these eyelining brushes from the "collector's edition" are a shinier purple metal, whereas if you have other RT brushes that are purple--they're more of a brushed metal.  I'm not sure what I prefer, but I couldn't help feeling like the new brushes felt even lighter and thus a bit cheaper than my existing RT lining brushes.  Only time will tell!

The below two pictures make me laugh for a couple of reasons.  When RT first had a liner brush in their "Starter" set, it came with the "pixel-pointed liner brush",  This brush, as you can see, is pretty darn large for a liner brush!  Soon it was replaced by the "Fine Liner" brush and even that one isn't very thin.  The new Precision Liner brush is definitely the thinnest of them all.  The second image makes me laugh because I have two Fine Liner brushes are are pretty drastically different--my oldest is much more blunt at the point/end whereas my newer one comes to a much finer point at the end.  I guess it's good that RT is in the practice of improving their brushes--but I think maybe they shouldn't pump out quite so many and should instead focus on perfecting each shape instead of releasing multiple versions of it?  Just a thought!

(Top to bottom: Pixel-Pointed Liner brush, Fine Liner brush, Precision Liner brush)

(Here are two versions I own of the "Fine Liner" brush (top and middle) with the new Precision Liner brush)

Here's how the very tips of my 'older' Pixel-pointed brush compares to the newer Precision Linger brush.  You can really see how bluntly cut the Pixel-pointed brush is compared to the newer brush.  How could anyone ever do liner with the original Pixel-pointed brush?!  I just don't know!  Unless you like thick liner, in which case it probably would have floated your boat!

The new "Smudge Brush" is nice.  It's dense and short bristled.  It's also soft.  I like it!  I wanted to compare it to the older Accent brush as well as to the Shading brush.  It's different enough from both of my existing brushes and I think I'll get a lot of use out of this one--especially for smudging/smoking out the lower lash line.

(Top to bottom: Shading brush, Smudger brush and Accent brush)

The "Pointed Liner Brush" is one that I see myself using as a lip brush and likely not as a liner brush.  Or maybe I'd use it to highlight the inner tear duct and/or apply/smudge out colour on the lower lash line.  It's a good small size and the bristles are soft. 

Here is is next to the Accent brush just for comparison's sake.

Lastly is the "Eyeliner Brush" and out of the box I'd say this one was the most disappointing.  I was hoping it might be a pretty thin liner brush, but it's quite thick.  I guess I will use it for my brows more than anything, or maybe for applying colour to the lower lash line.

Here it is next to the original Brow brush.  I always found the original brow brush a lot too big anyways--although I do like using it for powder products.  My hopes are that I'll be able to use the new Eyeliner brush for my brow pomade!  But even for that I like the brush to be a bit more thin in case I want to draw in more individual "hairs".

Here is the Eyeliner brush with one of my favorite angled liner brushes by Inglot (31T).  The Inglot brush is thin enough that I like using it for actual eyeliner and I like to use it for my brows, too!  Go 31T!  

Overall I think I'll get a lot of use out of the brushes in this set, but I think I was hoping they'd be a bit more "different" than they are.  That's okay by me though, I've almost never met a brush I didn't like!  :)

Oh!  And!  I also dipped all four brushes into my Inglot gel linger in 77 to see what kind of lines I would get.  The first line is one pass with the Precision Liner brush.  The second liner is one I applied with the Precision Liner brush and then smudged out with the Smudge brush.  The third line is one pass with the "thin" side of the Pointed Liner brush and then the fourth line is using that same brush but using the wide side of the brush.  The last two liners were made with the Eyeliner brush.

Thus concludes my research for "science"!!  Do you have a favorite RT brush?  What is it? I want to know!  Now that I might be back into the swing of blogging, what would you like to see from me next?!  :)

Thanks as always for dropping by!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My First Life's Entropy Order (Swatches, Review/First Impressions)!

Happy New Year to you!  I hope you have been ringing it in and that 2015 has wonderfulness in store for you!

Yesterday I received my very first Life's Entropy order!  Currently their website is down due to catching up on Black Friday orders--but I think Jane, the owner of Life's Entropy (LE), may be opening up soon as I think she's almost all caught up with everything!  LE is quite active on their Facebook page so I'd recommend checking there for updates about products, sneak peeks to swatches for new items, etc.

Life's Entropy is a relatively new indie cosmetics company, but don't let that fool you--as my pictures and swatches will show, they produce lovely products and I think the pictures will speak for themselves!  I believe LE opened in July of 2014 and they've been making quite the name for themselves as they offer a range of items you may not be used to finding from an indie company.  They are 100% vegan and hooray for that!  I have been tempted to put in an order since the beginning, but I only bit the bullet recently!

I put in my first order in the middle of November when a limited edition colour of their (very popular) Lip Theories was released to the public (previously it was available in a monthly sub with another indie company, Hello Waffle).  I knew I had to have the limited edition colour, but then I realized that the shipping cost to Canada was a flat $8--kind of steep.  So I justified it by...ordering more...of course!  For my first order I purchased the limited edition Lip Theory in "Tundra", a Particle Contour Stick in "Neutrino", and two more Lip Theories in "Apoptosis" and "Big Bang Theory".

Shortly before Black Friday, Jane put a post up on the FB page saying that if anyone would like their shipping combined from a recent purchase with their future Black Friday purchase that that could be an option.  I jumped on that!  With the shipping price being pretty spendy, I was very glad to be able to combine my orders!  It was super kind of Jane to offer to do that.

Then Black Friday happened and at that time, LE released their new (and much anticipated!!) Cosmos Collection--a lipstick collection featuring five lipsticks, three of which are colour "dupes" of popular Nars shades (more on this later).  I had to have it!  AND.  LE *also* released their new Brow Theory pomade (which is a dupe of the very popular Anastasia Beverly Hills "Dip Brow") for Black Friday!  Weeee!  Basically--I had to put in a second order (on November 29th).  I really didn't have a choice!  :)  My second order contained the complete Cosmos Collection, a Brow Theory in "Light Brown" and a bottle of the LE Revival Serum.  After placing my BF order I had a moment of panic thinking I might not have chosen the proper colour for my Contour Stick and Brow Theory Pomade.  I emailed Jane a picture of myself asking if she could give me some colour suggestions and she thought I chose the right shades.  Hooray!  Thanks to her for calming my mind!

Fast forward to December 31, 2014.  My order ARRIVED!  Yes, it took a while.  I'm not at all bothered by that though--I'm used to things taking a while as I am in Canada.  LE received a HUGE amount of orders for their lipsticks and now that I have them in my hands, I can definitely understand why so many of us were curious to try these babies out.  They're pretty awesome!

ON TO THE PICTURES!!  Brace yourselves--there are a LOT of pictures!