Sunday, December 1, 2013

Madd Style Cosmetics: Purple, Gold and Brown.

Hi Everyone!

It's time for my next tutorial!

This one does a bit of double duty.  I had posted this look in the Madd Style Cosmetics FB Group Page a few days ago and several of the ladies asked that I do a tutorial for it.  Luckily it's also almost the exact same (but different colours) as the look I did when the lovely Lauren asked that I do a look/tutorial using 'Ello and an MSC matte grey.  As I mention in the video, this kind of look can be changed up depending on the colour you want to use.  But as long as you stick to the matte colour in the crease, you'll end up with the "same" look but it will be tailored to the colours you want to use.  :)

If you want to find out how I achieved the below look, then please take a look at my "talkie" tutorial!

As a reminder, here are the supplies I used:

And here are a couple more shots of the look:

Here's the similar look I did using: Like a Virgin (in the duct), All that Giltters (in the innner and outer lid), 'Ello (in the center of the lid), Touch of Grey and a matte black (in the crease/lower lash line) and Psyhic Paper (brow highlight) 

Until next time, my friends!!

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