Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sugarpill Sunset

One of my newest Sugarpill additions is their loose eyeshadow in Royal Sugar.  It is pretty damn gorgeous and I wanted to try it out with the limited edition Asteria (also by Sugarpill) to get some contrasty goodness happening on my eyelids.  I have to say, the results were pretty fun!

I have also been having a LOT of fun experimenting with my new macro lens for my DSLR.  The pictures it takes are amazing and the depth of field blows my mind EVERY TIME.  Bah!

Here is the look that I came up with:

I can't remember all of the products I used, but I did use a lot of Sugarpill colours.  Tako is in the duct and below the brow, Royal Sugar is along the lower lash line, Buttercupcake is in the crease, Asteria is on the lid, and I snuck in a bit of Asylum (also a new colour added to my collection) on the outer part of the lid and it was also lightly blended up into the crease.

Mmmmmmm Sugarpill!  Have you added any new Sugarpill colours to your collection recently?  Which ones??


  1. Hi! I've no Sugarpill eyeshadow in my cllection :/
    Anyway, I really like the result in your make up !

  2. I hope you can acquire some Sugarpill; you won't regret it! :)

    And thank you so much--I am glad that you liked the result!