Monday, May 5, 2014

My OCC Lip Tar Collection!

Hello, Hello!

Yesterday I embarked on a bit of a crazy project.  I swatched each of my lip tars!!  What what?  Perhaps that doesn't sound like much of a project, but when you have 37 Lip Tars...the "projectness" of that project really starts to mean something!  :)

For ease of uploading, I used an Imgur album and the pictures can be found here: Lip Tar Collection Swatches - Imgur

The following colours are pictured: Anime, Black Dahlia, Black Metal Dahlia, Decadent, Divine, Electric Grandma, Feathered, Grandma, Harlot, Hollywood, Hoochie, Interlace, January Rising, Jealous, Meta, New Wave, NSFW, Nylon, Pageant, Petty Beige, Pleasure Model, Pretty Boy, Pris, Psycho, Queen, Radiate, Rhythm Box, Role Play, Rollergirl, RX, Stalker, Strumpet, Strutter, Super NSFW, Traffic, Trollop & Yaoi.


Do you have any lip tars? Which are your favorites?  Which Lip Tars are on your "wish list"?!  Inquiring minds want to know!  :)


  1. Grandma, Harlot, Meta, are all on my wishlist, but Psycho is my favorite.

  2. Isn't Psycho marvelous?! I wore it the other day and even though it is an orange based red, it sure feels like an orange when you wear it. And Grandma sure is popular--when I posted this on Reddit, it was the one that people lusted over the most. I highly recommend the Grandma lip pencil, as well!

  3. The only thing that's stopped me from getting Grandma and Psycho is my tendency to be super lazy with makeup. I'd wear it right away and then let it dry out in my drawer. Are the lip tars usually really long lasting?

  4. I don't think they'd dry out. I have had some of mine for like three years!