Thursday, January 1, 2015

My First Life's Entropy Order (Swatches, Review/First Impressions)!

Happy New Year to you!  I hope you have been ringing it in and that 2015 has wonderfulness in store for you!

Yesterday I received my very first Life's Entropy order!  Currently their website is down due to catching up on Black Friday orders--but I think Jane, the owner of Life's Entropy (LE), may be opening up soon as I think she's almost all caught up with everything!  LE is quite active on their Facebook page so I'd recommend checking there for updates about products, sneak peeks to swatches for new items, etc.

Life's Entropy is a relatively new indie cosmetics company, but don't let that fool you--as my pictures and swatches will show, they produce lovely products and I think the pictures will speak for themselves!  I believe LE opened in July of 2014 and they've been making quite the name for themselves as they offer a range of items you may not be used to finding from an indie company.  They are 100% vegan and hooray for that!  I have been tempted to put in an order since the beginning, but I only bit the bullet recently!

I put in my first order in the middle of November when a limited edition colour of their (very popular) Lip Theories was released to the public (previously it was available in a monthly sub with another indie company, Hello Waffle).  I knew I had to have the limited edition colour, but then I realized that the shipping cost to Canada was a flat $8--kind of steep.  So I justified it by...ordering more...of course!  For my first order I purchased the limited edition Lip Theory in "Tundra", a Particle Contour Stick in "Neutrino", and two more Lip Theories in "Apoptosis" and "Big Bang Theory".

Shortly before Black Friday, Jane put a post up on the FB page saying that if anyone would like their shipping combined from a recent purchase with their future Black Friday purchase that that could be an option.  I jumped on that!  With the shipping price being pretty spendy, I was very glad to be able to combine my orders!  It was super kind of Jane to offer to do that.

Then Black Friday happened and at that time, LE released their new (and much anticipated!!) Cosmos Collection--a lipstick collection featuring five lipsticks, three of which are colour "dupes" of popular Nars shades (more on this later).  I had to have it!  AND.  LE *also* released their new Brow Theory pomade (which is a dupe of the very popular Anastasia Beverly Hills "Dip Brow") for Black Friday!  Weeee!  Basically--I had to put in a second order (on November 29th).  I really didn't have a choice!  :)  My second order contained the complete Cosmos Collection, a Brow Theory in "Light Brown" and a bottle of the LE Revival Serum.  After placing my BF order I had a moment of panic thinking I might not have chosen the proper colour for my Contour Stick and Brow Theory Pomade.  I emailed Jane a picture of myself asking if she could give me some colour suggestions and she thought I chose the right shades.  Hooray!  Thanks to her for calming my mind!

Fast forward to December 31, 2014.  My order ARRIVED!  Yes, it took a while.  I'm not at all bothered by that though--I'm used to things taking a while as I am in Canada.  LE received a HUGE amount of orders for their lipsticks and now that I have them in my hands, I can definitely understand why so many of us were curious to try these babies out.  They're pretty awesome!

ON TO THE PICTURES!!  Brace yourselves--there are a LOT of pictures!

My order was shipped in a standard bubble mailer and it was packed nice and securely inside (mostly because I ordered so much and the envelope was just the right size!).  My items were wrapped in adorable Christmas wrapping paper--the package on the right was too full to stay closed!  Jane included two little candy canes and a sample of one of their eyeshadows.

LE's theme is that of "science" and the little stickers used to secure the wrapping paper are so cute.  They're made to look like a wax seal and the atom symbol (LE's trademark image/icon) is in the middle.

Here you can see how things were individually packaged.  Nice and secure!

And here are the items outside of all of the extraneous mailing packaging.

First item up: Particle Contour Stick in Neutrino!  This contour product is a cream and LE offers several different colour options.  You're meant to be able to apply them lightly or more heavily, depending on the effect you're after.  

The Stick comes to you in a roll up "lip balm" type tube.  It's very convenient packaging!

For extra peace of mind, the Sticks come shrink wrapped in plastic.

The item looks like this when it's fresh and untouched!

Twisty twist!

Arm swatch!  Applied straight from the tube, two passes, on the left.  Two passes, blended out, on the right.

Here's my bare face!

This was my first time trying this out--so I just went with my instincts and tried to find the right place to put it.  You don't need to worry about the precise placement too much as you're going to be blending it out (obviously!).  

Here's one layer--blended out.  I may have over-blended it slightly?  

So I decided to do a second layer.  A bit more noticeable!  The product is creamy and very easy to blend.  It doesn't feel oily and after it's blending it has a nice, relatively matte, finish.  I used a brush to blend, but you could probably also use your finger if you prefer.

Second item up!  Brow Theory!  This product is meant to be comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills "Dip Brow" that is all the rage--not all of the rage for me though, cause it ain't vegan!  Good thing Brow Theory is!!

I am a BIG fan of the packaging of the Brow Theory.  It comes with an LE initials sticker on top and the plastic lid is a hefty plastic.

The bottom of the jar has a sticker with the name of the colour and the ingredients.  I don't know who could ever ready that teeny tiny font --but it's there if you want to take a magnifying glass to it!

The product itself is in a glass jar--a very nice touch.  It could have been plastic (I'm thinking like what the Inglot Gel Liners come in), but it doesn't and I'm glad!

Ah, pristine and untouched! 

"Light Brown" is a's a tinge warmer than I was expecting, but I think I'll be able to make it work!!  It's very pigmented and you really don't need to put much at all on your brush in order to get enough for a brow (or two!).

I have never used a product like this for my brows before (typically I use a powder)--so I was A BIT NERVOUS to try this out--but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to use than I thought it would be!

Here are my virgin brows:

Here it is applied to the left brow (pictured on the right) only.

And here it is on both brows!  I used a thin angled liner brush to apply the product and then I brushed it out with a spoolie.  I think it's pretty neat and it dries down pretty fast and so far hasn't budged (I put it on about 5 hours ago).

Third item up!  Revival Serum!  This product is LE's answer to dried out (and unusable!) gel liners or other simlar cream products.  I plan to test it out as a liquifier to turn loose pigments into eyeliner as well--but I didn't have a chance to test it out quite yet!  More on this thing in the future!

Fourth will be the Lip Theories.  These products are similar to Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  LE offers a range of colours and also provides colours that you can mix together to make your own custom shades (LE also sells little lip gloss tubes for your mixing desires).  

Here's a swatch of the colours (left to right): Chaos, Tundra, Apoptosis and Big Bang Theory.

Chaos was my "gift with purchase" as I ordered over a certain amount during Black Friday.  It's packaged in a traditional lip gloss tube with a doe foot applicator.  

The bottom has a sticker with the name of the colour.

The doe foot is traditional and picks up a good amount of product.

Chaos itself is a gorgeous purple-toned berry colour.  

Tundra!  The limited edition colour. This is how the Lip Theories are traditionally packaged.  The tubes are longer/slimmer than the tubes OCC uses for their Lip Tars and LE includes a little "disposable" doe foot applicator with each Lip Theory--just in case you want to use it for application purposes.  Since I own a LOT of Lip Tars, I decided to use my usual method to apply the Lip Theories--my two ring fingers.  My usual method worked out quite well for the Lip Theories, I have to say.

The back has a sticker with the name of the colour and the same teeeeeeny font for the ingredients.

Tundra is a beautiful pinky-peach "nude" colour.  

Apoptosis.  A gorgeous orangey-coral.

And last, but not least!--Big Bang Theory.  A dark red that is slightly berry toned.

The ingredient label for the one was on a silver sticker--it's hard (impossible) to read--don't strain your eyes!  :)

 The fifth and last item I have to share, the "traditional" lipsticks, the Cosmos Collection!  These colours are only available until January 31, 2015--so consider yourselves warned!!!  They come in plastic tubes with the LE initial sticker.  The tubes are pretty "cheap" feeling, but that's okay with me as long as the lipsticks stay attached inside of them!

The bottoms have stickers with the names of the colours.

Left to right: Supernova, Milky Way, Plasma, Flux and Blackbody.

You will notice that these lipstick bullets do have "blemishes" on them.  They're only cosmetic--Jane has explained that there was some shifting of the bullets that will have caused this.  So they're not "pristine" necessarily--but they won't be after the first time you use them anyways!  :)

Milky Way
 Arm swatchy swatch!  Again, left to right: Supernova, Milky Way, Plasma, Flux and  Blackbody.  Three of these are meant to be colour dupes of popular Nars lipsticks (which I don't own because again--they're not vegan).  Supernova is LE's version of Nars's "Anna", Flux is the LE version of Nars's "Charlotte" and Blackbody is the LE version of Nars's "Train Bleu". 

These photos were taken in two different versions of natural light (the first where I was blocking the window and the second where it's in more direct natural light).  

 These lipsticks are incredibly creamy and are quite nice to apply.  If anything, them being as creamy as they are may lead to you over-applying if you go straight from the bullet to your lips.  I'll have to play around with the level of intensity--say if I use a lip brush, for example.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!  The Lip Theories and Cosmos Lipsticks SMELL LIKE CUPCAKES!  Whhhhhat?!  It's actually a pretty strong scent when you open up a tube (or squeeze some out for the theories)--but the scent disappears on your lips pretty quickly.  That's probably for the best or we'd all be eating these instead of wearing them!

Supernova--a SUPER PRETTY blue-toned medium dusty pink.

Milky Way--a lovely and sophisticated brown-toned pink.  LE's answer to the "Kylie Jenner" lip that the world turned upside down for!

Plasma--a dark berry colour.  

Flux--more red than Plasma, but still a bit berry toned.  

Either my lips are getting crooked...or...this was the 8th of 9 lip products that I swatched this morning!  Apologies to Flux!

Blackbody--a deep purple/burgundy.  Burgundy?  Sure...whatever it is, it's pretty!

Edit:  Not burgundy!  I'd actually call it more of a deep, blacked eggplant with a splash of red!

Okay, lips, you're almost done!  Again, sorry, Blackbody, for the sub-par swatch!

I decided to "blot" it to see what it'd look like and if it would help the purple tones come out more.  Not sure if it did...but I liked the effect anyways!
 And the resulting lip swatch-fest carnage:

Taaaa-daaaa!!  I hope you enjoyed that crazy-picture-fest!  *whew!*  I just hope I didn't miss any.......

Have you ever tried products from Life's Entropy before?  What are your favorites?  Did you pick up the Cosmos Collection?  What's *your* favorite colour so far??  What are you hoping to see LE come out with next?!


Thanks for dropping by!  :D


  1. Amazing! I wish I'd heard about this company before today seeing as my no-buy just started. The products look fabulous. Enjoy!

  2. Oh darn! I'm sad that you missed my posts in the FB group--I've been "teasing" the lipsticks in particular since Jane started putting up her test swatches!

    I'm sure you'll have your chance to try things eventually!! ;)

  3. I love chaos, supernova and flux. oh my.

  4. oooooh lovely!! I might have to try Supernova, Milky Way, Derivative, and the Ebony brow stuff. If I can justify a totally random $40 makeup splurge :P

  5. I say--DO IT! I wore Milky Way to work today and it performed pretty darn well. I am impressed!

  6. FYI--they opened back up today! But the only thing available are the satin lipsticks, not the brow stuff or the regular lip theories! But if you want Supernova and Milky Way--this is your chance!

    They both wear really nicely too, by the way. :)

  7. Hi! I follow you via bookmark, and I miss your posts! I hope all is well with you!

  8. Aww! I am sorry, Sandy! I always mean to post about things (like my recent obsession with all began things by Kat Von D) and then I forget to! I do post makeup looks to my new-ish Instagram if you have that! I am "dslrbbt" there. :)

    I am well though and I really appreciate you asking!

  9. Oh, awesome! Thanks for letting me know! Well, I don't have an account there, but since everyone is jumping into the instagram bandwagon I figure I must join, lol. I will be following you there now :)