Sunday, July 17, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Turning Pigments into Liquid Liner + A Tutorial on Winged Liner

Hi Everyone! Here is something a little different--me--moving and talking and stuff! Heh! As I say at the very start, I've had many people ask me about how I do my liner. This video will explain it! (Or at least it mostly explains it?) As always, I'm using Madd Style Cosmetics pigments and if you want to check them out (which you should, if you haven't), go here (to their new Artfire page!).

A couple of things I forgot to mention:
1) Don't mind the loud chopping noises--my spouse was making dinner!
2) The reason why water doesn't work quite as well as an actual liner maker is that the water will sometimes (when dried) cause your liner to flake off. That isn't cute, trust me. Using a medium like Make Up Forever's Eye Seal will turn your pigment into a smooth liquid and when it dries, it's pretty much waterproof! Win!
3) After you're finished with your liner, wipe out your lid with a kleenex!
4) If you have any questions that I didn't really address, let me know and I'll edit more numbers on to this list!

I do hope you found this video useful!

Thing you didn't know about me:

Orange juice is my most favorite of all of the juices! I can literally drink it by the liter! :) I don't like orange flavoured things though--it needs to be PURE orange or I'll pretty much reject it.

PS: I don't understand why the audio is not synced properly to the visual on my video. :( When I upload the video directly to Facebook, the audio is fine--but uploading it to blogger causes this weird lag with the audio. -sigh- I tried re-uploading the video, but I still have the same problems.


  1. I can't believe I'm just now finding this!!!!  I'm so going to have to buy some of that MUFE stuff and I'm definitely stopping by the craft store!!!  I don't know why I never thought of that before!!!  I love your videos!!  You should do them all the time!!

  2. Hehe.  The Eye Seal stuff *is* wonderful.  I recommend it for sure!!

  3. I adore you, you are so refreshing. thanks for this video, I almost gave up on the winged eye thing.

  4. Oh gosh!  I'm super glad to hear that you found it helpful!!  :)

  5. Ahhh you make the winged eye liner seem so easy! I like how your eye
    liner was thin too. Motivating. I still need to work on my winged eye

    I was surprised that you used paint brushes. I haven't
    thought of that.... I guess they should be safe too. I really like your
    very very very thin brush. ^^

  6. You are too adorable!!

    And now I plan on stopping at a craft store for a super thin brush!

    Oh, annnddd easy peasy is my favorite thing to say ever haha

  7. *blush!*

    The craft brushes are really the way to go!  All of the ones I have are synthetic and they're great.  The shorter/stubby one that has a blue/green handle I use for gel liners and it works great!   I hope you find ones that you like.  :)

    (Other bonus--they're way cheaper than makeup brushes!  Win!)

  8. I was just thinking about paint brushes the other day. Now I will try them. I love your vibrant personality. I will watch this video again because I want to learn the winged eyeliner, yea I am out of date lol :)

  9. Yay, I hope you find some neat brushes!  There are so many different ones at craft stores.  And you may find all kinds of neat brushes you didn't even know you were looking for.  

    Winged liner is fun, for sure!  Good luck practicing that one.  :)