Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nearly 100 Followers!

Horray! I am *almost* at 100 followers!! Can you believe it?!

I have, for you all, a short video detailing the items I have so far in my possession for a give-away (featuring, of course, Madd Style Cosmetics)! I will not be starting the give-away until I have reached 100 followers--but I imagine that is *just* around the corner!

This was my first time trying to edit a video--so it's CHOPPY at the splice! I had to do it though, I accidentally called a product by the wrong name! Oops. I also make a comment about Frankencake being "literally" sweet. I totally thought it was sweetened, but I lied to all of you! I hope you'll forgive me.

Anyways, I hope the video gives you some smiles and that if you aren't already a subscriber/follower, that you'll become one!

Thanks again so much to the 95 of you who read what I write. :)

Oh, and here is the look that I used All That Glitters in (it's the colour on the lid)!

(The rest of the MSC colours I used: Wander Lust in the crease, Disco Biscuit on top of that, Sally to blend out the Disco Biscuit and Love & Rockets in the ducts and as brow highlight!)


  1. love the makeup!! New follower from

  2. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for following!  :)

  3. OMG YOU ARE SO ADORABLEEEEEE!!!!! Great vid dude and the look you put up is AMAZING. I must have All that Glitters. Oh yes I must. Cant wait for your giveaway WOW 100 subbies! Thanks for the mention too I DO LOVE ECOTOOLS and I have that set! I use the little sumdger brush for SO MANY different applications its a must have! :D xoxoxoxo <3, Chrissy! (it wont let me post as Glitter N Glam MEH!)

  4. I, too, love Ecotools!  :D

  5. I love your face. You're so stinkin' cute!

  6. I gave your blog and award!

    Just put the post up!


  7. Oh gosh!  Thanks so much, Chanel!  :)