Monday, August 13, 2012

EOTD: Madd Style Cosmetics + Sugarpill

Today I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish...and guess what?  I accomplished them all!  I had it in my head that I wanted to do a smoky purple look using Sugarpill's "Hysteric" and I also wanted to dip into Madd Style Cosmetics's "All Nighter".  I also had an inkling that I wanted to play around with a pair of my Sugarpill false eye lashes.

This is what became of all of my goals being accomplished:

(Taken in natural light, for once!)

 (The obligatory "camera focuses on the awesome lashes" pic.)

Products used:

  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Optimus Primer" applied all over the lid
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White" applied all over the lid
  • The All Natural Face "Black Eyeshadow Primer" applied to the lid and blended up to the crease
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in "Zero" to line the lower lash line as well as upper and lower waterlines
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "All Nighter" (foiled with the All Natural Face "Fix-It") applied all over the lid and along the lower lash line
  • Sugarpill "Hysteric" applied to the outer crease and blended in with "All Nighter"
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Be Fearless and Play" applied to the inner crease and blended in with "Hysteric"
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Columbia" for a brow highlight (blended down into "Be Fearless and Play" and "Hysteric") and applied lightly onto the duct area
  • Lush "Independent" Gel Liner applied to the duct, inner part of the lower lash line, and along the entire upper lash line
  • Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black" applied to upper lashes
  • Sugarpill "Precious" lashes applied with Duo lash adhesive
That that is that!  Nothing like a dark and stormy look for a Monday afternoon.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed this EOTD.  :)


  1. Oh, how I love you and your eyes! <3  This is so beautiful! &you've given me an awesome option on how to wear and pair up All Nighter!

  2. Hello hello, Miss Azure!  I think part of the Hysteric magic might just be that my camera is pretty bad ass!  Otherwise, I put a layer of it on at first (to blend into the crease and with the lighter purple) and then I put another layer on top.  Layering might be key?  I'm not sure though!  And thank you for what you said about the lashes!  I do agree that I don't seem to be having as much trouble as I was.  Practice makes "perfect"!  :)

    As far as the lashes.  Gosh. I think you and Phlox definitely need "Spark" .  The "Precious" ones I used in this look are also quite fun.  Saint/Sinnocent are also really fun and full.  I need to get more pairs myself.  ;)

  3. Hey there! How did you manage to capture hysteric so well on the lid??? You really nailed it i must say!!!
    And for your information, i think that false lashes issue is starting to disappear for you, because you rock at wearing falsies, and making them show off so nicely in your pictures!!
    And you really have made me want to order some lashes from sugarpill!! Do you have any suggestions of which i should pick??/Azure

  4. This is SO SO amazing! I'm in awe.

  5. :)  I'm happy to hear you liked it so much!!

  6. This has to be one of my favs so far! I love love love it! 
    Just adore how you've played with the black liner around your eyes!
    I would love to see you create something bold with eyeliner ;)
    Oh, and you're so right. It sure is time for me to do a tutorial!! 

  7. Hooray!  I'm glad you like it.  :D  I am a huge fan of putting  black around my eyes, it's true.  And this pearly black was pretty fun to play with, I have to admit.  I can definitely work on something bold with eyeliner.  Eyeliner is our friend, afterall!

    I'll be on the lookout for your next tutorial.  ;)

  8. *noms your eyeball*  This is so beautiful.  As always.  But I'm still always amazed by the things you post.

  9. Awh.  *blushes*

    Thanks,  Beth!  <3

  10. :)

    I'm always happy to give people ideas!