Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fyrinnae Collage


I just spent entirely too long making this collage, so I figured I'd post it on here.  :)

I recently received the "Samhain" collection (from Fyrinnae) that I bought a bit ago and they're just so darn beautiful.  This afternoon, while I was photographing them, I figured I'd photograph the other Fyrinnae shadows that I have at the same time.  The result is this collage:

(Click to enlarge to full size.)

The colours photographed (in case the font is a bit touch to decipher!) left to right, top row to bottom row: Mermaid Masquerade, Mystical Hedgehog, Ethereal Eire, Mischievous Sidhe, Witchy Woodland Creatures, Velveteen Werewolf, Bonfire Spirits, Sultry Samhain, Atomic Afterglow, Darling Misfit, Mephisto, Sugar Skulls, Cuddlefish and Sequined Master.

Soon I will do a full swatch post of these beauties.  Sooooon!  

Do *you* own any Fyrinnae?  If so, what is your favorite colour??


  1. Such an amazing picture!!  Makes me want to run out and buy some more!!  Must have allll teh Fyrinnae!!! haha!!  I don't think I could pick just one favorite, they're all just too amazing to pick just one!

  2. They are pretty special, huh?!  I just got a sample of "Lucky Charmed" with my replacement "Sleepy Hollow" and it's pretty great too!!

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