Monday, October 20, 2014

Tutorial: Sugarpill and Neve Cosmetics

Hi, hello!

What do we have here?  A TUTORIAL?!  Holy smokes.  It's been a LONNNNNG time since I've made one of these!  Forgive me if I am a tad (or a LOT) rusty!

I recently posted this look on a FB makeup group I am part of:

And it was requested that I do a tutorial.  How could I refuse?!!  

The look was inspired by my newest Sugarpill colour, the limited edition (and now sold out): Lucid!  I used it with various other Sugarpill colours and used a couple colours from my Neve Cosmetics palettes to soften up the crease.  If you'd like to find out how you can achieve a look like this, then please keep on reading!  :)

Start out with a clean eye!  

(I think my eye had some residual eyeliner smudgyness from the previous night's makeup.  Whoops!)

Then you want to prime.  A primer will help your colours to appear more vibrant and it will create a smooth canvas for the colours you'll be putting on your eye.  Primers also help to prevent your eyeshadows from creasing throughout the day.  Hooray!  Here I am using Tarte's Colored Clay CC Eye Primer.

Apply this as messily as you want--from your eyelid up to your crease/brow bone.  I also apply this along the lower lash line and then I gently blend it out using my ring finger.

On a fluffy crease brush, you want to take a pale and matte pink.  This colour will be applied to your crease as a transition shade between the deeper purple we're going to use and your neutral brow bone highlight that comes later!  This colour is Neve Cosmetics' Favola.

Apply this shade liberally in your crease--all of the way from the inner crease (by the inner eye/tear duct area) to the outer crease.

I forgot to do this step before the pink...whoops...but if you want your pink and purple to be a bit softer, then applying a white base after the pink is something you can choose to do.  Or.  After your primer, you can apply the white base from the mobile lid and blend it up through the crease.

Here I am using NYX Eyeshadow Base in White and I am patting it with my finger from the upper lash line right up to the crease.  Applying a white base on your lid will give your loose eyeshadows something to stick to and it will help the colours to appear even more vibrant.

Using a blending brush that has two sides (due to the pinched ferrule), you want to use a blue based purple.  Here I am using Sugarpill's Poison Plum.

Start by first "stamping" this colour on the deep outer crease of your eye.  This will deposit most of the colour to the outer corner; that is where you want to create the most depth.  After you've lost most of the product from your brush, you want to rock this colour into the crease using window wiper motions.  Keep this darker colour concentrated more in the crease and don't blend it up and out quite as much as the pink you applied there earlier.  

Again, you want to keep the majority of the purple at the outer corner of the eye so you have a darker/deeper shade and then it fades into a lighter purple as you go towards your inner crease.

Now, take your favorite glitter adhesive.  Here I am using Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

This step is optional, but I like to use P.E. if I want to keep the glitter of my glittery shadows on my eyelid for a bit longer!  I just take a tiny bit of the clear product on my ring finger, then I rub my two ring fingers together and I patted the product on the first 2/3rds of my eyelid (where I am going to be applying the very glittery Lucid).

Give your glitter adhesive a minute to get tacky and then dip your shader brush into Sugarpill's Lucid (or if you don't have Lucid, use a minty teal colour of your choosing).

Due to the GLITTER ACTION PACKEDNESS of Lucid, you want to be sure that you pat this colour on your lid over where you applied the glitter adhesive.  Avoid "swiping" this colour as that will cause you to end up with a bunch of pretty gold sparkles all over your under eye area.  

Pat pat pat.  Press it right into that glitter adhesive!  Funnnnnnn!

Next you want to flip your shader brush over and take a bit of Sugarpill's Velocity (or a royal blue, if you don't have Velocity) and press this colour on the outer 1/3rd of your lid.

To blend between Lucid and Velocity, you can flip your brush back and forth between both sides and gently bring Lucid towards Velocity and then pat Velocity towards Lucid.  Repeat until you have a blend that you are satisfied with.

If you feel like you've lost a bit of the purple definition, feel free to go back to the brush you used to apply Poison Plum and re-deepen the outer crease.  You can also buff it out using that first blending crease brush with the matte pink.

At this point, you'll have something like this!

Next, take a fluffy brush with your favorite brow bone highlight shade.  Since the lid is pretty glittery, I have chosen to keep my brow bone matte--using Neve Cosmetics' Butterfly.

Apply this colour below the highest arch of your brow bone and then blend it out under the whole brow and down into the pink to ensure that there are no harsh lines and to ensure a seamless transition.  

Now for the lower lash line!  Wooooo!

Take a white pencil and line your lower lash line and the inner tear duct area.

I like to take a brush to buff this colour out and to ensure it's right in the lower lashes.

Using a small smudger brush, take Velocity again and apply it on the outer half of your lower lash line.  Keep it the most intense at the very outside corner and then fade it inwards toward your pupil.

Flipping your brush over, take Sugarpill's Frostine (or if you don't have it, you can use a purple with a pink shift).

Apply Frostine to the rest of the lower lash line (but not in the tear duct!) and blend it over Velocity just a bit!

Taking a small definer brush, take Sugarpill's Candycrush (or a sparkly light blue/minty colour).

Apply Candycrush to the inner tear duct area.  Blend it up a bit into the inner lid and just a touch towards Frostine.

You can definitely choose to do a full liner with this look--it'd look awesome.  But because my eyelides are semi-hooded, I like to avoid liner as it would cover up a lot of the colour when my eye is open.  Instead, I opt for tight-lining only.  To tightline, I am using Inglot's gel liner in 77.

Apply a nude pencil to your  lower waterline and apply your favorite mascara to the lower and upper lashes.


Here is the final look:



What do you think??  If you try this out, I would LOVE to see pictures.  

Thanks for dropping by!  If you have any questions or if you'd like additional explanations about anything, please let me know by dropping me a comment.  


  1. Beautiful as always!! Definitely going to try a version of this soon!! I miss your tuts, you should totally do them more often! ;-)

  2. Very pretty! Love all your tutorials :) You should do more full face ones though, you're too cute!

  3. Thank you do much! I will keep the full face request in mind. It's so rare that I go full out with foundation & blush that I wouldn't think to do a tutorial--but I could! :)