Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Black Friday Aromi Purchase (Liquid Lipstick and Lipstick Review)

Hi, hello!

Black Friday happened recently and for the most part I was very restrained with my purchases!  Yay!  I only put in two orders and one of them was with Aromi!  You may recall, when on my recent trip to Portland, that I stumbled upon my first Aromi liquid lipstick and I was so excited because Aromi is a brand I'd been following for a while.

For Black Friday they offered an irresistible 20% discount off all of their items and that meant I ordered myself 3 more liquid lipsticks and took my first foray into their traditional lipsticks!  Hooray!

I received my order very promptly.  I ordered on November 29th and received my package on December 8th, which is AMAZING, because I'm in Canada and they are a US based company.  Typically things take around 2 weeks to get to me, so I was very pleased to see such a quick turnaround!  My order was also packaged very well--it came in a cardboard box filled with pink tissue paper so that none of the items inside were able to shift around.  Yay for Safe Shipping Strategies!  :)

Now on to the pictures!!  (All photos can be clicked for a larger picture.)

Here's what the outer packaging looks like.  I like it!  It's bright and clean!

And the packaging of the lipsticks themselves looks like this.  The liquid lipsticks are in glass tubes.  The lipsticks are in a black plastic casing.

Each liquid lipstick has the name of the colour on the bottom of the tube.

The lipsticks also have a sticker with the name of the colour on the bottom.

Here is the liquid lipstick in Ripe Raspberry.  I like this colour a lot--it tends to pull more purple than it really is in photographs, but that's okay with me because purple lipstick is fun!  The doe foot applicators take some getting used to, but I find that they apply the colour quite evenly and if you take your time you can get a great application using just the doe foot.

Here is the liquid lipstick in Vamptastic Plum.  Out of all of the shades this one might be the least impressive as compared to the promo shots that Aromi features on its website.  You'll notice that on the doe foot applicator it looks almost the same as Ripe Raspberry (when looking at the picture of the glass tubes side by side, this is also quite apparent--although Vamptastic Plum does look slightly darker from the outside of the glass tube).  It's a lovely formula still and I find it does look more purple on the lips than Ripe Raspberry, but it isn't as purple as the website swatches would have me expect.  Perhaps I need to experiment with layering this one on a bit to see if that brings out the purple even more--I do find, however, that when layering, I can experience a patchy application.  I may just need more experience with the liquid lipsticks before perfecting my application method!  :)

And the last liquid lipstick is Black Cherry.  Holy smokes.  A beautiful dark cherry colour.  

Here is the lipstick in Flirty.  A satin (semi-matte?) red. 


And this is the lipstick in Wildberry.  A satin (semi-matte) bright berry colour.  The formula on this and Flirty is lovely--they go on smoothly and after two passes are perfectly opaque.  They don't tug at your lips and I don't find that they emphasis dry skin too much (although I'd suggest exfoliating beforehand!).  They don't "set" so to speak so you will experience transferring if you're drinking from a cup or a straw.  They last a long time on me--for the past couple of days I've been wearing Wildberry to work (with a lip liner from Zuzu Luxe called Fraise) and after eating lunch I only need to do a quick touch up and then it lasts all day.

The formula of the liquid lipsticks is definitely very liquid!  When you first apply it, it doesn't "run" around on your lips, but you have to be careful when applying it.  I typically apply it using the doe foot applicator, but sometimes I go in with a lip brush afterward to clean up the very outside edge.  After about 30 seconds, these babies dry down to a very matte and comfortable long wearing lipstick.  They're not moisturizing or drying.  A big plus on the "not drying" aspect.

Here is everything all together.  From left to right: Flirty, Wildberry, Black Cherry, Vamptastic Plum and Ripe Raspberry.  This photo was taken before the liquid lipsticks had set 100%.  For these lipstick swatches I did three passes of each--but I find when applying it to lips, they are opaque after two passes (as mentioned before).

Here they are again after the liquid lipsticks had set 100%.  

And now for some lip swatches!  All of these were applied with the liquid lipstick or lipstsick alone--no lip liner or lip primer was used.

Ripe Raspberry
Vamptastic Plum
Black Cherry
 I am very pleased with my purchase from Aromi.  Both the liquid lipsticks and the "traditional" lipsticks have a subtle scent to them that I can't quite place--sometimes I think it's vanilla, maybe?  It lingers on the lips for a short amount of time and then fades.  I've recommended the liquid lipsticks to friends and so far they are also enjoying them!  Hooray!  The lipsticks are lovely, as well, and I am sure my collection will continue to grow in the future!

Have you tried any Aromi products?  Which are your favorites??


  1. I'm loving my liquid lipsticks. I'm keen to further explore the line!

  2. Woot! Which colours are on your list for next time? I'm thinking I might *NEED* Orange Tangerine for the summer!!

  3. I'm thinking about Merry Mulberry and one of the reds - maybe Power Red or Flamenco Red. :)

  4. Good choices!! I also need to pick a red (or two?) eventually!!

  5. Love these colours! Haven't tried any myself but I'd love to

  6. Thanks for stopping by to take a look. :) The colours are pretty great--I'm trying to decide right now if I want to put an order in with HeartCoeur at 20% off and pick up another liquid lipsick and another traditional lipstick! Eep!

  7. Definitely getting the first three. Plus, you have the most prettiest eyes!

  8. Aren't they pretty?! I hope you will like them as much as I do!

    And awh! Thank you very much! :)