Sunday, February 6, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Be My Green (?) Valentine?

Welcome to my somewhat atypical Madd Style Cosmetics Valentine's Day pictutorial! Here you won't find any pink or red pigments being used. But you will find lots of green! Why, green? When my husband and I first met, his favorite colour was green (it has since changed to brown, so I might do a version 2.0 of this with a brown twist). For my Valentine's tutorial I wanted to do a look featuring this wonderful colour. So that's my challenge to you! Do a look in your partner's favorite colour. And if you're parternerless this Feb 14th (because really, it's just another day!), then do a look for yourself with your favorite colour! :)

Keep on reading to find out more about how I achieved this:

Here are the supplies I used to create my look:

(As always: my SoBe primer and NYX Eyeshadow Base in White. Madd Style Cosmetics pigments (clockwise from white): Tweaker, Oz, Monster Mash, and Ecto Cooler. Mascara. And brushes: eyeshadow brush, large angled brush, domed crease brush, fluffy blender, and pencil brush.)

To start out, as usual, you will want to prime your eyelids and apply your chosen base. Today I blended the NYX Eyeshadow base in with my finger instead of using a brush (I'm still trying to figure out the perfect formula of amount of SoBe primer to base in order to get a look that doesn't crease--especially on my right eye!!). As you can see, on the right most photo, my application of the NYX base is quite light--I find that if I apply too much it does encourage creasing, so I keep it pretty minimal. Also--I used a small eyeshadow brush to apply the NYX base it to my lower lashline.

Starting with the ever wonderful, Ecto Cooler, I applied it with my eyeshadow brush to about 1/2 of my eyelid and up past my natural crease to about the height of my eye socket. Remember--pat the colour on. Pat pat pat.

(I apologize for that renegade hair you see by my eyebrow. Trust me, it bothers me too that it's there!! It won't stay for the whole time...)

Next, I took Monster Mash on the same brush and applied it to the rest of my eyelid.

To blend Ecto Cooler with Monster Mash--I decided that I wanted to blend from the inner colour to the outer colour (and not the other way around). And because Monster Mash is such a strong colour, I put a bit more Ecto Cooler on my brush and essentially patted it on to the line between the two colours and a bit towards the Monster Mash.

Now it's time for the crease colour. Using the large angled brush, I dipped it into Oz. Then I traced out where I wanted that colour to go in two steps. I would recommend tracing the first outer angle (pictured in the middle) a little too sharp--you can always dab it below that line to increase the angle. But if you start out with your angle too big, you'll run into issues that involve makeup remover and that kind of fun stuff. Once I was happy with the angle and matched both eyes, I used the tip of the angled brush to trace out the crease and the shape I wanted Oz to take.

Using that same large angled brush I brought Oz down to my lower lashline and took it about half way in. Then, I switched up the brushes to a domed crease brush to fill in the Oz in my outer eye/crease and to blend out that harsh line in my crease up towards the brow. Don't take that too far up though!! Using the same crease brush, I also blended Ecto Cooler up and out towards the Oz in the crease. I didn't want the inner crease to get too too dark.

To finish up the lower lashline, I applied some Ecto Cooler to my regular eyeshadow brush and applied it to the inner half--blending it in with Oz.

And all that's left is highlighting and mascara! Using my fluffy brush, I applied Tweaker under my brow and down into the inner eye. Then, using my little pencil brush, I applied Tweaker to my ducts. Mascara--kind of self-explanatory...but I liked the picture!! :)

And voila!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and that you'll be inspired to try something similar--whether it be for Valentine's Day or not. Remember--check out Madd Style Cosmetics on Etsy and on Facebook! The Valentine's Collection, "Love and Hate," is going to be released soon and you won't want to miss it, I promise!!


  1. GREAT look Danielle! I love greens :)

  2. Thanks Tiffany! Greens are definitely a friend of mine. :)