Monday, February 21, 2011

My Madd Style Cosmetics Storage System

I don't really think my storage can (or should) be called a "system"--but I dig the alliteration--so system it is! I am one of those who finds that storing my Madd Style Cosmetics piggies on their sides leads to me being able to more quickly navigate through them to find what I need and by keeping them on their side, they take up much less space. Two wins for side storage! But I know many people are fearful of keeping their pots on their side because the risk of pigment loss is more prone to occur--so not only will I be showing you what I use for my storage, but I'll also give you a quick tip on how I keep my pigments inside their pots and not down in my storage unit. :)

It was rather timely for me to put this together today, because as you will see, my storage was overflowing! Photographic evidence:

Eep!! So yes! The containers that I use are called "Storage Accessories." I bought them at Michael's and they are almost exactly what I had in mind for my storage when I set out to find them. The three dividers you see are not movable--the container itself does come with optional small dividers, but to fit the most pots in, I don't use the small dividers. And lucky for me, I have an empty one on hand!

(Those little slats you see on the right hand side are used to keep the optional dividers in place.)

For ease's sake, I decided to move my black MSC pigments into my empty container and then to shift things over to make room for my overflow. Now I'm left with this:

See? It's all better now!

For those of you who are having mild (or severe) panic attacks at the thought of having your pigments on their sides--fear not! First of all--Mo does a GREAT job of getting her sifters on really well and I find that my lids close more tightly than with other company's pots. Hooray for that. Not only that, but there is one easy thing you can do to prevent the pigment from getting into a position where it could fall out.

Here is what I would call a "problem" pigment (MSC's Frankenstein) for side storage. I don't go around in my storage trying to find these pigments. If I'm doing a look with three pigments, I pick them all out and when I open them, if any of them look like this, here is what I do.

(See how the pigment has settled on the very top of the sides on the left? When your pigment ends up there it is caught between the pot and the lid, but if you're not careful, that pigment can fall off the top and on to the grooves--once it's over there, there is a risk that it can fall out into the bottom of your storage container.)

Here is what I do to solve this little issue. I take the lid of the pigment, place it on the top of the jar, and slowly push it from the left to the right--all of that problem pigment will fall down into the jar. Which is what you want!

Then what you're left with is a happy non-problem Frankenstein!

See?! Easy-peasy!

I'd love to hear about how *you* store your pigments!!

Edit (3:29pm): Oh! And one last thing about not losing any pigment to your side storage-ways...If you do open up a pot and you have pigment that has traveled into the grooves--use that pigment first (with your brush)! :)


  1. Awesome pigment storage, I'm trying to find out a new way to store mine since I've been getting Madd Style pigments :) I may have to look into getting containers like these.

  2. I'll be interested to find out how you store yours, TIffany! :)

  3. thanks! i've seen a lot of sideways storing (which makes more sense for viewing the colors, but i had been nervous to try it. now i feel like it wouldn't be a sure mistake.

  4. @Jen: Thanks!! :)

    @Slee: It definitely makes viewing easier. And as I see it, even if I do lose a *little* bit of pigment, it's just a TINY amount at most. I'm super excited to hear that you feel a bit more at ease about it all. :)