Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Two colour looks.

Recently I have fallen in love with the simple beauty of two colour looks (the inner colour being "light" and the outer colour being more "colourful"). The wonder of Madd Style Cosmetics' pigments is that many of them are duochrome or have really neat undertones--these two colour looks I've been into really help to play up this wonderful feature, but things are kept simple, relatively subtle and yet still so interesting! And as you will see at the end--the addition of a winged eyeliner can really kick the whole thing up a notch if you're craving something with a little bit more pizazz.

The pictutorial I have for you today does not include liner--I plan to do a separate tutorial about liner--but the logistics of doing that in photographs hasn't quite sorted itself out in my head yet! But don't worry--it's in the future line-up! :)

Today's tutorial involves the following supplies:

(As usual--NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White", The All Natural Face Shadow Primer in "Buff", Top Left pigment: MSC's Stargazer, Top right pigment: MSC's Columbia, Bottom pigment: MSC's Pixie, flat eyeshadow brush, tapered fluffy blender brush, angled eyeliner brush, fluffy blender brush. I used the same base, primer and brushes in the two looks I will be posting at the end of this tutorial as well!)

First you will want to prime your lids. I decided to give my All Natural Face primer another go--this time using much less than the first time I gave it a whirl. And like most things, less really is more. I found this primer to be rather effective in preventing creasing and just with generally helping my pigments stay in their place. As you can see in the picture--the product comes in a pot and is rather solid--so using your finger is the only good way I think this can be applied to your eyelid. As shown on my index finger, this is the amount I applied to one eyelid--from the lid up to the brow.

After primer comes a base. Using your finger (or you can use a concealer brush), apply NXY Eyeshadow Base to the center of your lid and then dab/blend it out towards your brow bone.

Next step is applying Stargazer with a flat eyeshadow brush to about 2/3rds of your lid. Remember--pat these pigments on! Patting them on will help press them into your base and thus help them to stay where they're meant to be--and it also helps to both prevent fallout and retain maximum amounts of glitter.

(Isn't Stargazer pretty?!)

Now you will take your tapered fluffy brush and dip it into Pixie--swirl your brush around in your pot's lid to help get the colour evenly dispersed and packed in--and then apply the colour to the outer 1/3rd of your eyelid. Then just lightly pat the colour inwards towards Stargazer using that fluffy brush (the results of this "blending" is shown in third picture). You also will want to blend Pixie upwards towards your brow and into your crease (as shown in the fourth picture) to give it a fuller shape. (Depending on your eye shape, you may skip that last step--I like to bring my colours up above my "real" crease because my eyelids are semi-hooded.)

To do the lower lashline--use an angled liner brush and applied Pixie from the outside corner of your eye to about 1/2 way in.

Now, taking your fluffy brush--apply Columbia underneath your eyebrow. If you want to keep your brow less sparkly--you can use a more neutral colour or even just pressed powder. I find Columbia to be pretty sheer and just a little sparkly when applied with this fluffy brush, so it works out for me. And, as per usual, I like to bring this colour down into the inside of my eye and into my ducts (as you see being done in the third picture).

Finish it up with some mascara:

And you're done!!

The great thing about this "technique" (if you can really call it that!) is that it's very workable with many many colour combos. I chose to combine Stargazer with Pixie because of Stargazer's blue sheen--and blue and purple are fun together, right?! You could let the glitters help you decide and match colours with blue glitter to other colours with blue glitter, or you could choose two colours with complementary undertones/duochromes.

If the colour you are working with for your outer eye is more of a duochromed colour, the neat thing about using that stiffer angled liner brush for your lower lid is that the undertoned colour will pop out because you use a different amounts of pressure (as opposed to the fluffy brush used in the crease/outer lid). You can see how that works out here:

(This look uses the same primer, base and brushes as detailed in the above tutorial (as I mentioned earlier). But the inner MSC colour is Love and Rockets while the outer colour is Nana's Tea Party. See how the lower lash colour is bursting with a different quality than the eyelid colour? Yeah, it's magic!!)

And again, here:

(This time I used MSC's XRay Spex on the inner eye and Strange Potion on the outer eye.)

Following the steps of this tutorial your possibilities are seriously endless. Applying both colours over a solid black base would give you a totally different feel, and you could use a two-colour base as well! And as you can see, the addition of liner can certainly add some "BAM!" factor!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and if you have any questions or want more explanation about a certain step, leave me a comment. :)


  1. Ooooh! I really love the way XRay Spex and Strange Potion look together! <3 Nice tutorial.

  2. @Gywnn--Yay!! I'm so glad!

    And Krissi--yes, they do work together quite well, if I have to say so! ;)

  3. This is my fave way to do looks too. LOVE a pale tear duct!!

  4. It may be hard for me to go back to anything else, Christina! ;)

  5. Thanks Jen!! I'm glad you thought so. :)