Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Couture-d Up!

Greetings, readers!! The theme for the Madd Style Cosmetics models this month is...high-fashion/couture! WOO! Break out your falsies for SURE! :)

Recently I was watching a Michael James tutorial (isn't he wonderful?!) and I was inspired to do the following look. I really hope you all enjoy this tutorial!

First, as always, start out with supplies.

(Top to Bottom, left to right: Barry M Intense Black Mascara 3 in 1; Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencils in Yeyo (white) and Zero (black); NYX Super Skinny Marker; NXY Eyeshadow Base in White; Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies (clockwise from the purple): Sugar Plum, Taransula, Birfday Suit, Cob Webs; Angled Liner Brush; Pointed Crease Brush; Flat/Paddle-Style Eyeshadow Brush; Pencil Brush; Slanted Eyeshadow Brush; Small Concealer/Synthetic Eyeshadow Brush.)

Second--start out with a squeaky clean lid!

Next, prime and add a base to your lid. This is my first tutorial using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance product (which has been claimed, by Too Faced, to be a vegan item)! I apply it in the same way that I apply all of my primers--start with a tiny bit on the tip of your finger and blend it out to the entire lid--up to the brow. Bring some of the product down towards the inner tear duct area and apply some to the lower lash line area. Once the product has set (Too Faced Shadow Insurance doesn't take very long at all--since you really don't need to use much!), apply a base over top of it--this will help to really make the colours POP! My chosen base is NYX's Eyeshadow Base in white. I apply it the same way as the primer but concentrate it mostly on the lid area and blend it slightly out towards the crease/brow bone area.

To finish up with priming your lid--apply a white pencil to your lower lash line.

The first brush I used was my angled liner brush (by Alima Pure). I dipped it into Madd Style Cosmetics's Sugar Plum (a wonderful pink toned purple--this is honestly one of my very favorite MSC pigments!). I pressed the colour into the bristles of the brush by using the inside of the lid of the jar--apply the colour evenly throughout all of the bristles--this will help for even application. Starting at the outside of your eye--decide on what kind of shape you want! You could extend this line out even more beyond your eyebrow--since this *is* couture and all! I created a nice little swoop shape by angling the brush almost like how I would to do an extreme winged liner--and then I brought the brush in and up into my crease.

For the inner part of the lid, I continued the shape and traced the rest of my crease. Then I brought the brush down towards my nose a little bit.

The lower lash line is done with that same angled brush and more of MSC's Sugar Plum. Apply it over the white pencil base and in the inner corner, angle the colour down towards your nose--mirroring the shape you made on your lid. Do a similar thing on the outside corner of your eye--leaving a space between the outer lower lash line colour and the upper lid outside swoop.

At this point, you should have something like this:

Next, grab a pointed crease brush (the one I use is from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics). Dip it into MORE Sugar Plum--evenly apply the colour to the bristles by swirling it around in the inside of the lid of the jar. Basically for this step you want to fill in the upper portion of the shape you made on your lid (try to leave the line you created with the angled brush quite crisp--just fill in above that). You can take this colour as high as you want! You could even have kept it quite thin--that would have looked neat too, I think. :)

To deepen up the crease a bit--grab a pencil brush and dip it into MSC's Taransula (a very awesome blue-black with green and purple glitter). Apply this colour to the lower edge of Sugar Plum (all the way into the inner eye area and all the way out towards the swoop you made at the very start).

Taking the same pointed crease brush you used to blend out the Sugar Plum--blend together the Taransula with the Sugar Plum--you want to keep the Taransula quite dark at the outer most edge, but you also want it to be blended in with Sugar Plum just a bit so there isn't just a dark line at your crease.

And now for the lid! To help your lid colour stand out even more--and to help define the cut crease you have created up to this point, apply a bit more NYX Eyeshadow Base (in White) to a concealer brush. Apply this to your lid and bring it down to the bare area at the inner part of your duct area and the outer part of your eye.

Next, take a paddle-style brush and dip it into MSC's Cob Webs (this is a wonderful silver/grey colour that was part of the Drop Dead Fred collection!). Press the colour into the brush using the inside of the pigment jar's lid (as usual!). Then pat this colour all over your lid. This colour is quite glittery, so be careful NOT to swipe the colour on as this will cause some fall-out. Pat or press the colour right into the NYX base you just applied.

Using the same brush, apply the Cob Webs into that bare space at the outer corner of your eye and in the inner duct area (I used the same pencil brush I used earlier for the duct area).

Then, for your highlight, take a slanted eyeshadow brush and dip it into MSC's Birfday Suit (a light matte neutral). Apply this colour below your brow and blend it down slightly into the Sugar Plum to help fade Sugar Plum out just a bit.

Now for some liner! Using a black pencil, line your waterline and really press this colour into your lower lashes--this will help disguise the lash band of the falsies you will be applying to your lower lashes (if you choose to do so!).

Then, using a super skinny felt tip marker type liner (or use whichever type of liner you are most comfortable with), line your upper lash line (quite thinly--mostly, again, just to disguise the lash band of the lashes you will be applying to your lid) and make a small wing at the outer corner.

Apply some awesome falsies, and you're done!

(I used Ardell's "Accents" in #305 for the lower lash line and Quo lashes in #806 for the upper lashes!)

And here the final look is again, with the flash this time!

I hope this has inspired you to get a little crazier with your makeup today! :D

Thing you didn't know about me: I *just* got back from my trip to Florida yesterday! The thing I was most UNprepared for: all of the lizards!! Lizards kind of scare me. Eep! Even though they're small--I couldn't stop thinking they were going to jump on me. Ha...

Here is a neato picture I took of one of the *many* lightening storms!


  1. Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial! Very helpful. Your eyes look gorgeous. ^^

  2. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!  :)  And thank you so much.  :D

  3. Beautiful look!