Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Plan 9 has a party with Ichabod and Redrum

Hiiiiii Everyone!

Two nights ago I received a sample set of the NEW House of Horrors collection by none other than Madd Style Cosmetics. Even though I got home late and didn't have time to play with it until night--I *needed* to play with three of the collection colours in the look that you're about to learn about. :)

The three colours I'll be featuring from the collection are:

Plan 9--a black that is SO FULL of holographic glitter that it's just...CRAZY, I tell you!

Ichabod--a loooovely pumpkin orange with gold glitter.

Redrum--a TASTY wine/merlot!

Aren't they marvelous?!!!!!!!!

To begin, gather the supplies!

(Top to bottom, left to right: Milani Power Lash in "Black"; Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencils in "Yeyo" (white) and "Zero" (black); Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Madd Style Cosmetics "Awesome Sauce"; Madd Style Cosmetics Pigments: Plan 9, Ichabod, Redrum, Sparkle Motion and Birfday Suit; Brushes: flat shaded brush, domed crease brush, angled liner, slanted shadow brush, pointed crease/pencil style brush, small fluffy crease brush (isn't that brush neat?!!!); Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in "NSFW".)

Also, grab your clean eye!

First, as always, you will want to prime those lids! I'm using Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I put a bit on my ring finger, rub my two ring fingers together, and then apply it all over the lid (up to the brow), down by the duct and on the lower lash line.

(Disclaimer: Gah! I forgot I had some left over nail polish on my nails. Seriously. I was too excited to play with these darn things!)

For a base, use something black. I am using my black Urban Decay pencil in "Zero". I appled it all over the lid!

(Disclaimer #2: Yes, there is a hair by my eyebrow. I move I thought I was checking all of my pictures to make sure they were in focus and that there weren't random hairs all over the place, but as you'll see...I wasn't checking that as well as I thought I was!! Sorry!!!)

While you have the black pencil out, do some tightlining on your top lid, line your waterline and the outer 1/3rd of your lower lash line! If you're going to be going out (and you're not just playing with makeup in the middle of the night for fun) you would want to set your waterline with some matte black shadow. I didn't do this--as I pretty much took everything off an hour after putting it on. But if you don't set your waterline, that black will disappear within a couple of hours.

Next, take a white liner pencil. Line the inside 2/3rds of your lower lash line with this. Blend the white in slightly with the black.

I made a boo-boo and forgot to take an "end" shot of this step--but basically you want to use your ring finger to blend out the black base on your lid. Blend it up toward your crease.

Then, pull our your Madd Style Cosmetics "Awesome Sauce"! Apply a small drop of it (less is more, I mean it!) to your ring finger, rub your two ring fingers together, and dab it all over your lid. Concentrate this on your lid--but it's okay if some of it gets into the crease area. This will really help to make the awesome glitter of Plan 9 stick to your lid. I promise, it will!

(Reader: "danielle! That picture on the right isn't in focus!"
danielle: "I know, reader! I'm sorrrrrry! I'll do better next time!)

After applying the Awesome Sauce, you're going to want to wait for a few minutes until it gets a bit tacky. This should take a few minutes.

Yep, put your glasses on, make a funny face, and watch some Sopranos (at least that is what I was up to!).

Now for some Plan 9 action!! Taking a flat shader brush, apply Plan 9 to your lid. Since this colour has a lot of awesome glitter--you will want to be sure to "press" this colour on to your lid. DO NOT swipe this colour on. With the Awesome Sauce on--that will act as a magnet for the glitter--but you will want to do your best not to give any of that glitter a reason to jump ship and fall down on to the tops of your cheeks!

To blend out the Plan 9, switch to a domed crease brush and dip it into Plan 9. Starting at the outside corner of the eye, apply this into the crease. Using a fluffier brush will do half of the work of "fading" the colour out.

At this point, you'll have something like this:

Ahhhhh the glitter! It's NUTS!

Here's a(n out of focus) CLOSE UP--just in case you don't believe me...

Leave the lid alone for a while now--and proceed to the lower lash line. Switch to an angled liner brush and dip it into Ichabod. Apply this to the first 1/3rd of your lower lash line.

Next, using the same brush, dip it into Redrum. Apply this to the middle 1/3rd of your lower lash line.

If you do what I did--you might accidentally cover up too much Ichabod. Don't worry--go back in with more Ichabod--and blend it over into the Redrum.

Lastly--using that same magical angled liner brush--go into the equally as magical Plan 9. Apply it to the outer 1/3rd of the lower lash line and blend Redrum over into it.

Go back up to the lid. Take a slanted shadow brush and dip it into Birfday Suit. Apply this colour below your eyebrow/as a brow "highlight". This is your chance to blend out Plan 9 a bit more. On the rightmost picture you'll see that I go all the way around the black to help fade it a bit more (although admittedly this look isn't meant to be "subtle"--if the black is too much for you--just don't take it so far up into your crease).

For the duct, take your sparkliest white--for me--that is Sparkle Motion. Apply this color to your duct!

At this point I decided to do a bit more blending of Plan 9. I took a small fluffy blending brush and worked on the edges a bit more!


Reapply glasses and funny face--and kick back!


Continue to tinker...and apply a red lip, for some extra fun! Here I used OCC's Lip Tar in "NSFW". I applied it over the entire lip area (over some MSC Lip Bomb!) and then dabbed some Ichabod pigment into the center of my lip (it didn't really pick up in the photo though! I do plan on doing a proper tutorial on jazzing up your lip tars with MSC pigments!).

NOW you're really ready to put your hair up, kick waaay back, and watch even MORE Sopranos!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!! As always--if you have any questions about a particular step or you want to see me do something specific in a future tutorial, just let me know!

Fun fact you didn't know about me: if I could always have red nails, I would do it! What's mostly keeping me from realizing my dream is my terrible tendency of putting on nail polish, finding an imperfection in it, and then taking it ALL off a few hours after putting it on! One day I might conquer this. I must just need more practice, right?! :)


  1. Plan 9 is fire and I love redrum XOXO

  2. Isn't Plan 9 just one of the most marvelous things ever?!!!!!!!

  3. I used Plan 9 right when I got it. BF tried to get me to leave the house with nothing on...I end up lining my eyes in Plan 9 before leaving the car.

  4. I agree!  You neeeeed it!

  5. :)  They're both super wonderful, huh?  

  6. :)  They're both super wonderful, huh?  

  7. It is pretty great, Tiffany.  I ain't gonna lie!  :)

  8. This made me really want the HoH collection :D