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Madd Style Cosmetics: Colourful Crease!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to yet another tutorial!!  Yesterday I asked for some tutorial suggestions/requests in the Madd Style Cosmetics FB Group Page and two lovely fans gave some suggestions that I combined to make the following look!  Also!  Thinking of using a teal with a yellow made me want to try something out that I had recently watched on youtube by the ever wonderful Nikkietutorials.  In her tutorial, Nikki keeps the bright pink in the inner part of her crease and I thought to myself: "I can do that with yellow!".  

If you want to find out how I achieved the following look, then please keep on reading/watching (yep, there is a sneak attack "talkie" video where I demonstrate my winged liner!).

As always, you want to start out with squeaky clean lids!

Then, collect all of the necessary supplies!

You'll need a primer (I'm using Madd Style Cosmetics "Optimus Primer"), a base (I'm using Madd Style Cosmetics "Pop N Lock"), a foiling medium to help glitter adhere to the lid (I'm using Madd Style Cosmetics "Awesome Sauce"), some mascara (Gabriel Color in "Black"), Madd Style Cosmetics piggies (clockwise from the top left: Nirvana, Penny Arcade, Vortex, Snot Face, Dame, Psychic Paper, Dirty Chai), looots of brushes (a flat shader brush, a domed crease brush, a second flat shader, a pencil brush, a fluffy fluffy blending brush, a small detailer brush, an angled liner/brow brush, a bent eyeliner brush), a white eyeliner pencil (this is one by Korres and a Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in "Yeyo"), and lastly...a liner!  This is "Motivation" by Lush.)

This tutorial features what I pretty much believe to be a trifecta force of awesomeness.  Yep--the Madd Style Cosmetics Primer, Base and Foiling Medium!

To start off, begin by applying a primer.  Primers will help your eyeshadows to stay in place all day (yay for no unsightly creasing!).  This shows you about how much "Optimus Primer" I use on the upper lid.  I have also swept some along the lower lash line.  Using my ring finger, I blend this product out along the entire lid and up into the crease and under the brow.  I also smooth it out along the whole lower lash line and dab a bit into the tear duct.  

Next, you want to apply a base to help the shadows appear even more vibrant!  On the left you see that I have swirled my middle finger into "Pop N Lock".  This is roughly how much I need to smooth out along the entire lid and then I blend it up into the crease and apply it even more lightly directly under the brow (just use whatever product might  be left on your finger).  

Now for the foiling medium.  You can see below that I hardly use any product at all.  What I do is I apply it to one ring finger and then I rub my two ring fingers together--then I use each finger to apply the product to a single eyelid.  For this look I focused the "Awesome Sauce" into the crease of my lid because I wanted the awesome glitter in Penny Arcade and Nirvana to stick to my lid and not fall down on to my cheeks.  You want to give this product about 20 seconds to "set" before you start applying shadows over it.  

It's time for colour!  Hooray!  Take a flat/rounded shader brush.  Dip it into MSC's "Nirvana", swirl the brush in the lid of the piggie to help pack the colour into the bristles of your brush, and apply it to the outer part of your crease.  You can see that I focused the bulk on the colour to the outer most portion and then I lessened the application of the colour as I brought it toward the center of the crease.  Using small circular motions at the upper edge of the colour--I faded it out as it went toward the eyebrow.

One a domed crease brush, I dipped it into MSC's "Penny Arcade".  Swirl the brush in the lid of the piggie and then apply this on the inner part of the crease.  I brought this "up" a bit toward the beginning of the brow, but you don't need to do this--you can keep it focused in the main part of your crease if that is the kind of look that you prefer.  :)  Blend this colour over toward the middle of the crease where it can meet up with "Nirvana".

Now--switch back and forth between the brush you used to apply "Nirvana" and the brush you used to apply "Penny Arcade".  You want to layer/blend these colours in the center of the crease where they meet.  This wil create a pretty gradient and will create a green you didn't have to add to the look!  Because yellow and blue blend nicely together, I'm really just lightly patting blue on and  then lightening the pressure as I move toward the inner crease and then to the reverse with the yellow.  Repeat these steps as necessary until you achieve the level of blending that you desire.

Switch to a clean flat shader brush.  Dip it into MSC's "Dame" and apply this over the entire lid.

Using a pencil brush, apply MSC's "Vortex" to the outer portion of your lid.  Concentrate the colour on the outer edge and then lightly feather it into "Dame".  You want to have the outer 1/3rd of your lid to be the start and finish of the Vortex.

Take a white eyeliner pencil and line the outer half-ish of your lower lash line.  This will act as an extra base for the colour we're about to put over it.  Using that same pencil brush and "Vortex"--apply this colour to the  outer half of the lower lash line.  Fade the colour out as you reach the center of your lower lash line.  At the outer corner--make sure the "Vortex" meets up with the "Vortex" you already applied on the upper lid.  

Now...I don't know why I chose to use such a HUGE brush for this step...but I did!  You don't have to!  I took this super fluffy duo-fiber blending brush and dipped it into MSC's "Psychic Paper".  I applied this directly under the brow and blended it down into the crease colours to help that line fade out.  I also decided that I wasn't going for such an "angled" outer edge--so I used my finger to shape that outer part of the crease into a more rounded shape.  Your fingers are good tools too!  :)

Using a small detailer brush--I apply a bit of MSC's "Dirty Chai" into the duct and I blended this out along the rest of the lower lash line that was "bare".  This doesn't add much colour (on me), but it does add a nice little sparkle that wasn't there before.

Next up--line your lower waterline with a white pencil.  You want this to be a smooth and rather...milky (??) pencil.  For example, the UD pencil I used earlier on the lower lash line is much too sheer.  You want something that is opaque white.  I've been kind of obsessed with doing brightly coloured waterlines lately...and this look is no exception.  Using an angled liner brush, apply MSC's "Snot Face" over the white pencil you applied to your waterline.  This little extra pop of colour is just an extra special step, don't you think??

Apply a bit of mascara to your bottom lashes.  I like to do this when I still have liner to apply as it gives it a chance to dry.

 Now for liner!  An MSC Fan in the FB Group, Barbara, asked that I do a tutorial for my winged liner.  I decided to try to film a little somethin' somethin'!  I also tried my first voice over because talking and doing liner just isn't something I'm very good at (yet)!

And voila!  Your look is complete.  

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have requests for future tutorials or any questions at all--please leave a comment.  Comments are fun!!  :D

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