Monday, March 4, 2013

Madd Style Cosmetics: Ring of Fire!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my next tutorial!!  Yesterday I posted a look in the Madd Style Cosmetics Facebook Group Page (click the link to request to join--it's a fun place!) and it was requested. by the lovely Tanya. that I do a tutorial for the look.  And here the tutorial is!

If you'd like to find out how I got the following look, then please keep on reading.  :)

Begin by gathering the necessary supplies.

NYX Eyeshadow  Base in "White", Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black", The All Natural Face "Vegan Black Eyeshadow Primer", Madd Style Cosmetics "Optimus Primer", Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils in "Zero" (black) and "Yeyo" (white), Madd Style Cosmetics Pigments (top to bottom): Ring of Fire, Psychic Paper and Cupid's Arrow Potion, and brushes!  Here I have a stuff blending brush by The Body Shop, Royal and Langnickel's BX 95, BX 65, BX 80 and BX 115, and a small detailer brush (this one is by BH Cosmetics).

As always--you want to start off the whole thing with a clean eye!

Next you will want to prime prime prime!  Here I am using Madd Style Cosmetics's "Optimus Primer".  I apply it all over the lid and then use my ring finger to blend it out along the entire lid--blending it up toward the crease and below the brow.  Whatever product is left on my finger I bring down around the tear duct and along the lower lash line.

Because I was going for a "sharp" outer edge--next you want to take a piece of tape!  First, stick it to the back of your hand to get some of the stickyness off the tape (you don't want to have something SOOOO sticky right on the delicate skin of your eye--trust me!).  Then place this at the outer corner of your eye--I lined it up so that it left a bit of a gap in the outer corner of my eye/lower lash line area and so that the tape was angled up toward the very outer end of my eyebrow.

Taking a stiff blending brush and your favorite black base--apply this all over the lid!  Because you have the tape there, you want to go right up against that edge (as you see in the middle picture).  Then, once there is less product on the brush, blend the outer edge of the black with your eye open.  I have to do this step with my eye open so that I know how high up to take the black.  Since my eyes are semi-hooded, I want to make sure the black is still visible in the "crease" when my eyes are open!

Lastly, make sure to get some of that black base right into the outer corner of your eye--where the upper and lower lash lines meet each other.

To finish off with the black base--take a black eyeliner pencil and get it right at the base of the upper lash line.  You want to make sure that no bare skin is still visible.  While you have the pencil out--you also want to tightline (get the pencil between the upper lashes) and then line the upper and lower waterlines.

Next, put a bit of NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White" on your finger and dab it right under the brow and blend it down into the crease to fade out the edge of the black base.  At this point, as you see on the right, my black base has started to fade and crease a bit.  Fear not!  We'll come back to that in a minute.  :)

Taking a large fluffy brush, dip it into Madd Style Cosmetics's "Psychic Paper" (a super awesome light off-white, but slightly pink based, matte white) and apply this directly under the brow.  Blend it out throughout the entire brow-bone area and blend it down a bit into the top edge of the black base.  Putting the brow highlight now will greatly add in your blending later!

Because my black base was...a little less than this point!  I decided to go back in with that same stiff blending brush and layer on another coat of black.  Then I went back in with the fluffy brush that had "Psychic Paper" on it and repeated my last step--blending the white down on top the upper edge of the black base.

Take a small fluffy brush (this BX 80 by Royal and Langnickel is AMAZING--it places colour like a dream AND blends like a pro!) and dip it into Madd Style Cosmetics's "Ring of Fire" (an AMAZING black with gold, red and orange glitter).  Swirl the brush into the lid of the pigment.  This will help to eliminate pesky black fall out.  Once the pigment is evenly distributed among all of the bristles of your brush, pat (yes, PAT--do not swipe!) this colour all over the mobile part of your lid.  Patting will help to really pack the colour on and will help the glitter to stick to the black base we applied earlier.  Patting will create less fall out!  It's a win-win situation, really.  Then, with the tip of this brush, and when you hardly have any product left on your brush, blend along the upper edge of your black base.  Because you applied "Psychic Paper" there earlier this step will be easier than you think, I promise!  Blend until you've achieved a level of fade-out that you are happy with.

Now--peel away the tape and prepared to be amazed at your powers of creating such a sharp clean edge!

Taking your same black eyeliner pencil, apply it along the entire lower lash line.  Leave your inner tear duct area as empty as you can!  Take a smudger brush and buff this colour out--make sure to blend it INTO your lower lashes as well.  You want to make sure no bare skin shows through.  If you went a bit "smoking out" crazy, don't worry!  Take a clean/dry cotton bud and roll/drag it along the lower lash line to remove some of the black that may have traveled a bit too far down.

Now grab an angled brush and dip it into "Ring of Fire".  Apply this all along the lower lashes.  Pat this colour on (as you did before) and make sure to get it into that outer corner where your upper and lower lash lines meet.

With a white eyeliner pencil, highlight your tear duct area.  The white pencil will act as a base for the magical colour we're about to use!  Taking a small detailer brush, dip it into "Cupid's Arrow Potion" (a mind-blowing white with a CRAZY red duochrome from the "Magic Potion Collection" that was released this Valentine's Day) and pat it over the white pencil you just applied.  Blend it into the black on the lower lash line and up a bit into the inner portion of the upper lid.

Apply some mascara--and you're done!!

If you so choose--fill-in your eye brows and apply some wispy fall lashes (here I am using the #120s by Ardell)!  Then make a sad frowny face!  ;)

Then stop with the frowny face and look off into the distance!

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!  Thank you again to Tanya for requesting that I do this look.  It's so fun to recreate a look that someone liked so much they want to do it on themselves!  :D

Remember--black pigments aren't as scary as they look in the pot!  I would love to know what you think of this tutorial and if you do try to recreate it--I would *LOVE LOVE* to see pictures!!  Thanks as always for dropping by and please let me know if you have any questions or requests for future tutorials.

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