Saturday, June 25, 2011

EOTD/FOTD: Madd Style Cosmetcs + others "Malibu Induced"

Greetings, readers!

After a long hard week at work, I decided to play good and hard with some makeup this evening--while sipping some Malibu (of course, hence the name of the look). I decided to go a bit "un-wearable"--though admittedly I did wear this out. I had to go feed some kitties I am kitty-sitting. They were not too shocked to see me, so I take that as a good sign. :)

The look:

And a (rare) full face shot (to complete the "FOTD" portion!):

Products used on eyes:
  • MT Coffinz "Under the Rainbow" primer
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White" applied over primer
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Sparkle Motion" applied in inner eye/duct area
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Afternoon Delight" (from the Birthday Collection) applied to first 1/3ish of lid
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Frankenstein" applied to second 1/3ish of lid
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Emerald" (from the Dark Crystal collection) applied to the third 1/3rdish of lid
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Poison Berry" (from the Birthday Collection) applied at outer corner and into crease
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Disco Biscuit" applied to center crease
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Pisces" applied to inner crease
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Columbia" (from Rocky Horror Picture Show collection) applied as brow highlight
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Heart Breaker" (from the Birthday Collection) applied to inner 1/3rd of the lower lash line
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Sugar Plum" applied to the middle 1/3rd of lower lash line
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Jive Talk" applied to outer 1/3rd of lower lash line (and blended up a bit into the Poison Berry)
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Cocoa Puff" to darken brows
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Easy Glide Pencil in "Zero" to tightline and on waterline
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Black" (from the Up in Smoke collection) used to set the water line
  • Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black" applied to top lashes
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "Zero" to line upper lash line
  • Quo #806 False Eyelashes
Products used on face/lips:
  • Thebalm's "Mary Lou Manizer" on cheeks, bridge of nose, above the cupid's bow. (This product has not be confirmed as vegan by the company, but I looked up all of the ingredients and am fairly confident that I'm safe--they're all chemically derived!)
  • BarryM lip liner in "Fuchsia" (that really doesn't look like it's spelled correctly to me) to line lips and used to fill in the lips
  • OCC Lip Tar in "Anime" applied over the liner

The end!


Lots of products!!