Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Deconstructed Strawberry "Ice" Cream!

Good Evening! The month of June was named the "Frozen Treats" month for the Madd Style Cosmetics models (have I mentioned already that Madd Style has moved from Etsy to Artfire? Because it did!!). I'm not particularly big on sweets, but it is hard to deny the awesomeness that is strawberry ice cream. But instead of doing a straight forward pink look, I decided to deconstruct it just a bit (yes, I've been watching far far too much Top Chef lately!). Lets see if you follow me on my interpretation. :)

So you've got the pink/strawberry, check! And for the "ice" part, I decided to try a different kind of technique with loose glitter to make what I like to call an "icey" lid!

(No flash)

Do ya get me?! I sure hope so! Read on to find out how I got to the final product!

First, you'll need supplies.

Left to Right (top to bottom): Duo Lash Adhesive; Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black"; NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White"; MT Coffinz "Under the Rainbow" primer; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies (clockwise from the top left): Janet (Rocky Horror Picture show collection), Dazzle Dust (also called "Bone Daddy Dust" in the Nightmare Before Christmas Collection), Kiss with a Fist (Love and Hate collection); Birfday Suit; She Bop; Pointed Crease Brush; Fluffy Crease Brush; Domed Crease Brush; Angled Liner Brush; Small Concealer Brush; Pencil-style Brush; Slanted Shadow Brush.

As always, you want to start with a squeaky clean eye.

Then you want to do some priming. Primers will help your piggies to not crease and they also provide a solid base for them to hold on to. My primer of choice lately is MT Coffinz's "Under the Rainbow" primer. I rub my ring finger on the product, dab it into the center of my lid and then spread it out to the whole lid (up to the brow), down to the inner eye/duct area and a bit below the eye on the lower lash line.

Using a similar method of application, I applied my base (NYX Eyeshadow Base) over the primer and spread it on to the whole lid. The white base will help to also give the piggies something to stick to and will help to really make the colors "pop"!

Now for some colour! Taking a pointed crease brush, dip it into Janet (or any "light" pink that you have--MSC's Ice Cream Day Dream would work out well here!) and swirl the brush around in the lid of the pigment to help distribute the colour to all of the bristles. Then, starting at the outer corner of your eye, sweep this color into your entire crease area. Concentrate quite a bit of this pink in the inner part of your eye, since you'll be adding a darker pink over top of it on the outer portion of the crease a bit later.

To soften the edges of Janet, take a clean fluffy crease brush. Starting at the outer corner, again, lightly buff out (or blend) the colour to make it more of a "wash" of colour in your crease.

Using the same pointed crease brush, dip it into a deeper pink. I chose She Bop for this purpose. It's described a bright deep pink with a silver shimmer and aqua sparkle. (I love it!) Place this colour at the outer corner of your lid. Don't be scared--it will be bright! But we like bright, right?!

Using that same pointed crease brush, bring She Bop into the middle of the crease, blending it in with Janet. In the middle picture, you see that I have switched back to the fluffy blending brush to help diffuse that color. Then, if your blending gets a little too blendy and you end up with bright pink up in your eyebrows (like I did!), it's okay--use your magical finger eraser to get the shape that you're after!

With the She Bop still handy, grab an angled liner brush. Dip it into She Bop and line your lower lash line with this colour. Take it in as far as you like--I took it all the way in!

Now comes the sticky part! I can't remember who I saw do this on youtube. I *think* it was xsparkage. Taking your Duo Lash Adhesive, put a dab of it on your finger and apply it to the lid where you hadn't applied colour to earlier. The Duo will get tacky very quickly, so move fast!!

With the Duo on your lid, grab your small concealer brush and dip it into Madd Style's Dazzle Dust. Then press this on to your lid on top of the Duo! Try not to get the Duo in your eyelashes (like I did)--it causes some interesting 1) glue in your lashes and 2) glitter + glue in your lashes! Neither of those are particularly good problems to have, as you can imagine.

To help blend out the Dazzle Dust, just a bit, take a domed crease brush and dip it into Dazzle Dust. Carefully apply this to the edge of the Dazzle Dust. You could even skip this step and leave the look as more of a cut crease look, that would be fine too!

(Gah! So much glue and glitter in my lashes!!!)

Next, using a pencil brush, dip it into Kiss with a Fist (if you don't have the Love and Hate collection--any nice white will do here! Xray Spex would also be great, I bet!). Apply the Kiss with a Fist to your duct area and blend it down to meet the She Bop on your lower lash line. Also, blend it up a bit to meet the Janet up in the inner crease.

Finally, for a highlight, dip a slanted brush into Birfday Suit (my go-to highlighter). Apply this just below your brow and blend it down into the pinks to help make that transition a bit smoother. I also like to bring this brush (with the remaining Birfday Suit) down to the outer corner to help blend out that edge (if it's looking harsher than I want it to be).

Lastly, apply some mascara--and your look is complete!! (And if you did get Duo in your lashes (and glitter on top of that) use a spoolie--do I even know how to spell spoolie?!--and use it to separate your lashes. Be gentle!)

(With flash--this definitely helps to show the pinks truer to colour!)

(Without flash)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I wish I had paid a bit more attention when I watched xsparkage do this--because I'd be curious to know how she went about getting this stuff OFF of her eyelid after applying it. I used THREE different makeup removers before I was successful!

Thanks, as always, for reading and if you have any questions, let me know! Likewise, if there are any Madd Style Cosmetics colours you'd like to see me use or any particular looks you'd like to see me try--let me know that stuff too! :)

Edit: Oh! And for the fact about me that you didn't know!! I recently received my Master of Arts in English. Reading is one of my great passions and I'm not sure exactly where my degree will lead me, but I'm sure it will be somewhere fun. I read a lot of different kinds of books--19th Century Lit, Sci-Fi, modern--to name a few. I'm not too picky when it comes to the kind of book--but I did realize that the font is something that has become increasingly important to my experience as a reader! I received a book (a collection of pieces that were awarded the James Tiptree Jr. award) for my birthday and the font it was published in is TERRIBLE. I sigh just thinking about it! So if you're a potential publisher out there, be very careful with your font choices!!


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