Sunday, November 20, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Outer Space

Hi Everyone!!

For today's tutorial, I decided to take a different colour-spin on the EOTD I did that was inspired by Vintage or Tacky's "Poison Cupcake" tutorial. I like to recreate looks that I see on youtube to show how Madd Style Cosmetics piggies can help you achieve awesome results! Mixing up the colours a bit is also a fun exercise! Don't be afraid to be adventurous. :)

My wonderful friend Jackie said that this version of the look reminded her of "Space"--hence the name I chose for the tutorial! (Thanks, Jackie!)

If you'd like to find out how to get this look:

Please keep on reading!

Start off with some supplies.

(Top to bottom, left to right: Milani Power Lash mascara in "Black"; Inglot Gel Liner in "77" (black); Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils in "Zero" and "Yeyo"; NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White"; Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Madd Style Cosmetics Pigments (clockwise from top left): Sub Zero, OHM, Grape Fizz, Birfday Suit, Sparkle Motion, and Space Oddity; Smoky Liner brush; Domed Crease brush; Small Shader brush; Slanted Contour brush; second Smoky Liner brush; small artist brush.)

As always, begin with clean eyes!

Next, apply your primer and bases. I put a small amount of Too Face Shadow Insurance on a ring finger, rub my two ring fingers together, and apply the product in an even (and very thin!) layer to my whole lid (up to the brow), down along the lower lash line and in the duct area. Similarly, I dab the NXY base all over the lid (using my ring finger) and gently blend it up toward the crease. Apply the white liner along the lower lash line and to the tear duct area.

You should have something like this!

Now--on to the colours! Taking a smoky liner brush (or pencil brush), dip it into MSC's "Space Oddity" (a lovely deep navy colour with silver and holographic glitter). Swirl your brush around in the lid of Space Oddity to evenly distribute the pigment through the bristles--this will help reduce fall out! Place the brush at the outside corner of your eye and place it into your crease. Concentrate the most colour toward the outer portion of the eye! To to this, don't apply more colour to the brush as you go from the outer to the inner crease--just use the colour that is on the brush in the first place. I also like to keep my eye open (as you see on the right) when doing this step--that keeps the colour from going too far up toward the brow!

When this step is complete, you should have something like this:

(Don't worry too much if the Space Oddity travels down to the lid area--I have a tricky solution for that coming up!)

Switch to a domed crease brush and dip it into Space Oddity. Swirl the brush in the inside of your lid--as you did before. With this brush, you're basically bringing the colour out further toward your brow in that outer half of your crease (as you see in the middle picture). Then, switch back to the smoky liner brush and blend the Space Oddity out a bit in the inner crease to meet up with where you left off in the middle of the crease. You want the colour to be more blended out in the outer half of the eye--and then it should taper thinner as you get toward the inner crease.

Now--if the Space Oddity traveled a bit to your lid area--don't worry! Using the tip of your ring finger--apply a bit more of the NXY base just to the lid area. Hooray, all fixed!

Now for the lid! Take a small shader brush (here I'm using my new bdellium tools brushes, again! <3) and dip it into the wonderousness that is MSC's "OHM" (a magical light purple with a super amount of gold shimmer). Press the colour into your bristles using the inside of the piggie's lid. Apply this colour (by "pressing" it on) to the center of your lid.

(Isn't it just GOREGOUS?!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Using the same brush--dip it into MSC's "Grape Fizz" (a dark grape purple with multi-coloured shimmer). Apply this colour to the parts of your lid that you left empty. Blend it into OHM slightly just by "patting" toward the colour and then back and forth at the line where it meets with OHM.

Switching back to that domed crease brush you used to apply Space Oddity--dip it into MSC's "Sub Zero" (a pale blue with a violet duochrome). Apply this colour along the edge of Space Oddity to help it "fade" out toward the brow.

Using your smoky liner brush (again!), dip it back into Space Oddity and apply it along your entire lower lash line. Then, take a black liner (I use my trusty UD liner in "Zero") and line your waterline.

For the brow highlight, grab a slanted contour brush and dip it into MSC's "Birfday Suit" (or any matte shadow that matches your skintone). Apply this under the brow--paying close attention that it blends seemlessly into the Sub Zero you had previously applied.

Lastly, using a clean smoky liner brush, dip it into MSC's VERY sparkly "Sparkle Motion". Apply this to the duct area--being careful to blend it into the Space Oddity at the lower lash line and up into the inner lid/inner crease area.

Apply some black liner at the upper lash line, apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes--and ta-da! You are finished!!

I promise--I even did this to *both* of my eyes! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!

Which MSC colours you would like to see me use next?!!! :)


  1. very pretty ♥

  2. I love this look, I'll have to try this out :)

  3. I love your eyeshadow I would love to talk with you sometime I also like to wear blue eyeshadow if we could talk that would be great

  4. I'm glad you like the look, Brieanne.  Blue eye shadow is fun!  And whatever questions you might have, I'm all about answering.  :)

  5. That looks so pretty. You make it look so easy! I need to try this and hopefully it will resemble what you have done! 

  6. Thank you, Tania!!  I hope you have  good luck recreating it!  :)