Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugarpill: My Black Friday order!

I knew a few months back that I wanted to save up all of my Black Friday shopping pennies to get a few things from Sugarpill. And save, I did! Now...for me to share with you how I spoiled myself! :)

There are so many reasons why I am a huge fan of Sugarpill. Their bright colours, wonderful packaging, BIG sizes (I mean BIG, people! Their loose eyeshadow, or "chromalust", come in the HUGEST jars--if you're used to typical 5g jars from mineral companies--you will be amazed at the size of these babies, I promise!), and just all-around awesome quality of products are the first things off the top of my head! My first order was back in March. For that first order I bought all of the pressed shadows that were vegan (and a few of their chromalusts). Shortly after making that order, Amy (aka: Shrinkle) announced on the Sugarpill FB page that Tako (SP's matte white) and Bulletproof (their matte black) would soon be vegan, too!! I knew I'd have to have them, eventually--so those were my prime objectives for my Blank Friday Order.

I ordered on November 25th and my order arrived (in Canada) on December 20th. This is what it looked like and what was inside!!

The signature Sugarpill box. It's as adorably adorned as everything you'll find on the inside!

The small (and personal) touches are always appreciated! Sugarpill invoices are always signed with a "Thank you" note from Amy!

Piiiiiink paper! Everything is always wrapped up nice and tight so your items won't be bouncing around in the inside of the box.

And here are the goods! I neglected to take pictures of the "extras" below my purchased items. A nifty postcard was included--one side of it features the wonderful alt. model, Apnea! A sample of another chromalust and a teal Sugarpill sticker were also included in my package.

And here is everything all pretty and lined up. Sugarpill's packaging is a-FREAKIN'-dorable. Gosh. I always keep the boxes--for what? I do not know. It sure seems like a crime to throw them out though! I know that much. Anyways--enough about the boxes! I ordered Bulletproof and Tako, as I had planned. Then I picked up (photographed left to right): Absinthe, Hysteric, Birthday Girl, Tiara and Goldilux.

Here is what Bulletproof looks like:

(Unlike the bottom of the chromalust jars, as you'll see later, the stickers on the bottom of Bulletproof and Tako do not specific that these items are "vegan". I am wondering if maybe this is because Sugarpill still had a stock of "old" stickers before the shadows themselves were converted to being vegan? I do not know, but their website does list these two colours as being vegan!)
And up close:

Tako's packaging is the same, of course.

And it looks like this, up close:

I swatched them, on my bare skin. The results are quite amazing, especially for bare skin swatches! I am used to pressed matte blacks being somewhat "stiff" and kind of "unruly" to work with--but not Bulletproof! It was smooth and silky! It did take some building up, but if you had a primer and a base on I can imagine that it would be black black black! Tako was creamy in texture as well and did not take as much "building up" as Bulletproof. It's an amazing matte white, what you've heard is true! I cannot wait to play with these in some looks!!

Moving on to the loose eyeshadows that I picked up...

First up, Absinthe! Absinthe is a lovely lovely acid green colour with WONDERFUL sparkle. The ingredients of each chromalust are printed on the bottom of the box. The bottom of the chromalust jars come with nice stickers that display some basic information.

Here's Absinthe up close, with no flash:

And again, with a flash:

(AMAZING, right?!!!)

While photographing this one, I wondered how it would compare to my other Sugarpill green: Tipsy. Here's a comparison shot, in case you are wondering which one you need first (because trust me, you need both of these)!

Hysteric is a super lovely purple. It photographed a lot "bluer" than it is in real life--it leans much more to the "pink" than you see in the following pictures.

Here it is with no flash:

(See the green flecks in it? Neat, yeah?!)

And here it is with the flash:

Like when I was photographing Absinthe, I wondered how Hysteric would compare with Weekender. Now. Imagine Hysteric pinker and imagine Weekender less royal blue--and then you'd have a better idea of the true colours for both of these. They're really nothing alike, as you can see, and again--I would say they're both necessary for your collection!

Birthday Girl! At first I couldn't decide if I wanted Decora or Birthday Girl--but I figured I have more pinks that look like Decora than ones that look like Birthday Girl, so I went with the lighter pink for this order. Birthday Girl is a super super pretty pink--the website says that it has fuchsia sparkle--but what I noticed was that it was goldish (which I LOVE, gold should be in everything as far as I'm concerned!) in sparkle.

Here is Birthday Girl up close (without a flash):

And here is Birthday Girl with the flash:

Tiara next! If you're ever in need of the brightest sparkliest silver, I am pretty sure that Tiara would NOT disappoint you.

My lighting started to die at this point, so this "natural" light photo does not do Tiara's amazingness justice:

But. The flash helps!

(Ooooooooooooo the glimmeryness!!)

Then, came Goldilux. As I mentioned, gold should be in everything, and I am quite convinced that Goldilux might be one of the most wonderful things I have ever laid my eyes upon. For serious.

Again--my lighting was not the best, so this shot with no flash might not impress you as much as you should be impressed (trust me)!

But with the flash...BAM!:

Like with the pressed shadows, I swatched these on my bare arm. The texture of all of these loose eyeshadows is simply amazing. They're sooooo finely milled and soft to the touch. They pretty much glide on like vegan-butter. You know, if you're in the habit of gliding that stuff on...:)

Do I recommend these products? Yes, of course I do. They are absolutely wonderful and I am so excited to get to play with them! Do I plan on purchasing more Sugarpill products in the future? Well, thank you for asking--yes, I sure do! Especially since a little birdie told me (and the whole internets) that Sugarpill has some new pressed products up their sleeve. I do not know if their new pressed shadows are vegan, but I am hoping that at least a couple of them are! I also need a few more of the chromalusts because...well...I just can't resist.

I hope you enjoyed seeing where my pennies went.

Have you tried Sugarpill? What is your favorite pressed shadow? What chromalust can you not live without? What are your favorite combos? I want to know!

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