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Madd Style Cosmetics: Lucky Emerald and Amethyst

I posed the question to the Madd Style Cosmetics facebook fanpage the other day about which colours the fans would like to see used in a tutorial. The wonderful Angela H. suggested that I do something using the Dark Crystal collection and I willfully complied!!

The Dark Crystal collection was inspired by different precious jewels (Sapphire, Citrine, Opal, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst). There are 10 collections listed on MSC's Etsy page still! It is currently on sale for just $18!! Those of us who already snagged one are surely very pleased with the purchase, and you will be too!! For those of you who are link phobic, it looked something like this:

For this look/tutorial I decided to play with the Emerald and Amethyst piggies! If you want to find out how to achieve this look:

(Photo taken without flash.)

Please keep on keeping on (with the reading).

First, gather all of the relevant supplies!

(Left to Right: Barry M "Intense Black 3 in 1" Mascara; MtCoffinz "Under the Rainbow" primer; NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White"; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies in (starting clockwise from the palest green): Lotus Bloom, Emerald, Amethyst, Birfday Suit and Lucky (this colour was sold with the Sham ROCK collection, but if you don't have it, you can substitute it for a medium/light green colour); small eyeshadow brush; pointed crease brush; slanted/angled brush; angled eyeliner brush; concealer brush/small synthetic eyeshadow brush; Urban Decay's Glide-On 24/7 pencil in "Yeyo". *whew!* *takes a breath*)

To begin, prime the lids. For this tutorial, I used my newest primer: MtCoffinz's "Under the Rainbow". So far I am very happy with this primer--it's stickier than my one from the All Natural Face. I took a fun picture of it just because I love it so much:

ANYWAYS. To apply it. Rub your ringer finger on the top of the product. Then, dab it into the center of your eyelid. Next, blend it out over the entire eyelid, up to the crease, down into the inner eye/duct area and the lower lash line. You want to make sure to have nice and even coverage of your primer as it will help your piggies stay in their place and not crease! All good things to have happen!

Then, to help brighten your piggies and really help them "pop" against your eyelid, apply a base. As usual, I used my go-to white base, NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White". Applying this is identical to the method I use for my primer. Ring finger on product, dabbed into the center of the lid, and then blended out across the whole lid (up to the brow, down into the duct area).

Now your lid is ready! Yay!

For the first piggie--grab Lotus Bloom (it's described as a "buttery sea foam green with a shimmery aqua duo-chrome") on your brush. Swirl your brush around on the inside of the pot's lid (to evenly distribute the pigment throughout the bristles of your brush) and then pat the colour on to the inner 1/3rd of your lid. Also, pat this colour down to your duct area. Patting or pressing the colour on, rather than sweeping it, will help to minimize fallout and will help you keep all of the pretty glitter on your lid.

Using the same brush, get some Lucky on your brush. Pat this color on to the middle...3/5ths of your lid! ( doesn't need to be exact...just leave some of your outer most lid empty!) I forgot, somehow, to take a picture of the exact "end" placement of this pigment, but you'll get the idea in the next picture! Gently blend Lucky into Lotus Bloom by patting the line between the two colours with a bit more Lotus Bloom (or Lucky, whichever you prefer).

Changing brushes to a pointed crease brush, dip your brush into Emerald. Swirl it around on the inside of the lid (as usual) and place it on the outside corner of your lid (see where Lucky ended up?!). Then, keeping your eye open, sweep/pull the colour from your outside crease into the middle/inner crease. By keeping your eye open, you concentrate the colour into the deepest part of your crease and you won't end up with dark green going up to your brow bone (unless you want dark green up to your brow bone--then by all means, do what you gotta do! :) ).

At this point, you'll be looking something like this:

Next, for the lower lash line, you're going to switch brushes again. This time, grab a small concealer brush (or small synthetic eyeshadow brush) and dip it into the NYX Eyeshadow base. CAREFULLY (you'll notice on the left picture that I wasn't so careful) place this along your lower lash line. You can use a white eyeliner for this step, but my white eyeliner ALWAYS get stuck in my eyelashes, so I tried this out to be different. Then, grabbing an angled eyeliner brush (pictured in the middle, obviously), dip it into Amethyst. Then apply this (by patting the colour on) over the white line you just applied to your lower lash line.

For a highlight, change your brush again. I have been on a roll with using this goofily shaped slanted brush from OCC lately. Dip the brush into Birfday Suit (my mostest favorite highlight as of late)--a light matte nude--and apply it to your brow bone. Use the colour on the brush to fade on the line between the Emerald and the crease to help soften the overall look.

To finish off the look, if you so choose, you can line your waterline with a white eyeliner pencil to help open up your eyes a bit. The waterline is the part of your eyelid between your lower lashes and your eyeball! Don't poke yourself. And try not to pull on your lid! Once you get used to doing this, you can just gently pull the pencil along your waterline without even touching your lid with your other hand--just let the pencil do the work and don't be afraid! I like to use my UD pencil in "Yeyo" for this because it's not an opaque white--it ends up being more of a shimmery white that you only see some of the time. It's subtle, but great.

(I do not know why this picture turned out so fuzzy!)

Apply some mascara--and then, you're finished!!

(See on the picture on the right how the lower lash line has that gleen? Yeah, that's the Yeyo magic I was referring to!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you need any extra clarification on any of the steps, let me know! And I hope you'll head on over to check out this neato spreadsheet I put together to help keep all of the Madd Models' tutorials in one place and organized by tutorial type, colours used, etc.

And last but not least--if there is a colour you are dying to see used--let me know! I probably own it. ;)

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