Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pure Fusion Review & First Impressions

I have been admiring the colours on Pure Fusion's etsy page for quite some time now. My admiration was two fold: 1) pretty colours always catch my eye & 2) that they're located in Terrace B.C. was awesome to me since I was born in Smithers! Since ordering mineral makeup on Etsy I have never found a Canadian vendor and I was tickled pink to find a company that looked like they had awesome colours and were even in the same province as me. Since I like to buy local produce, I figured trying out some local(ish) makeup would be a fantastic idea! The other bonus: NO CUSTOMS between me and this package!!! Wonderousness.

Last Friday I finally placed my first order for 10 samples. Pure Fusion offered a 10 samples for $10 with free shipping and I figured this would give me a chance to try out several colours that caught my eye without having to spend too much--and the sample sizes were big enough that I knew I'd get multiple uses out of each colour, so it was all good for me on that front. Today, Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and find my Pure Fusion order. That's only 6 Big Sleeps since I placed my order! My happiness did not end there.

It's clear to me that Pure Fusion takes its business very seriously and this is evident in the packaging of their products.

Inside a bright yellow envelope I was pleased to find this rather adorable envelope.

(All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

And upon opening the envelope, I was even more impressed. Usually samples are just tossed into an envelope--but my samples had been thoughtfully arranged in a rainbow pattern!! Fantastic!! The baggies were all professionally labeled with the name of the pigment and the Etsy link of the shop--which is great because sometimes you end up forgetting where you got what when you just have a bunch of baggies with names and nothing else on them!

At first I had assumed that the sample bags were just stapled on to the paper card stock, but no! Double sided tape!! Am I silly for thinking that's genious? I am very pleased with the amount of thought that went into packaging up my 10 little samples. :)

The main yellow envelope also contained two cards:

1) I like that a little instruction manual (of sorts) comes with the colours. Although I am familiar with making mineral pigments/eyeshadows into eyeliners and I'm aware of how to foil--I appreciate that Pure Fusion takes the time to let their customers (who might not already know) how to best use their products.

2) The second card is a general business card with the contact information for the company and a nice handwritten thank you on the back. A nice touch, I think.

And because I'm the WORST swatch picture taker EVER, I did not swatch my ten received samples. But I did immediately dip into 6 of them to make these two quick looks. Both looks were applied over the All Natural Face Shadow Primer in "Buff" and NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White".

Neith (a soft rosy brown) applied to the first 1/2 of the lid, Aphrodite (a smoky purple) applied to the rest of the lid, and Enchanted (an intense rich purple) applied on the outer lid and into the crease.

Lemon (a sheerish coveraged yellow) applied to the first 1/3rd of the lid, Chartreuse (a yellow/green) on the middle 1/3rd of the lid, and Borghild -not currently listed on the Etsy page- (a nice lightish blue) on the rest of the lid.

These pigments were quite nice to work with. I experienced quite a bit of fallout (which is unusual for me), but I think part of this is because I'm no longer used to dipping my brushes into baggies and perhaps I didn't pack the colour into my bristles like I can when the pigments are in jars. The colours were very blendable and were glittery without being too BAM! GLITTERY! (which is nice!). I ordered four other colours that I did not demonstrate in the two looks: Syn, Mermaid, Laga and Persephone. I am super excited for those four colours and when I do use them, I'll be sure to post a few more pictures.

As far as ordering was concerned--the process was painless, but I do wish the Pure Fusion Etsy site listed their mineral shadows by colour group instead of lumping them all together--it makes it kind of annoying to go through four pages to look for one colour. But that is only a minor annoyance.

Will I order full sizes of some of the colours I received? Probably. Chartreuse was quite wonderful and I also really liked Enchanted. The full sizes come in 5 gram jars (with sifters) and sell for $5 a pop--that's reasonable, although I cannot speak to how packed the jars from Pure Fusion are. $5 is typical, at least.

Overall I am very pleased with my experience!


  1. Super! I've never seen such great packaging for samples!

  2. Great review D!!! That packaging is FAB FAB FAB! I have to imagine if that much thoughtfulness went into the packaging, it must be a pretty great-run company too :)

  3. I know, right?!! :)

  4. Yeah. It's amazing how much those little things can make such a HUGE difference on first impressions, huh?

  5. Great review, I'll have to check them out! I totally have a tutorial on my blog on how to store your samples like that!! It's such a great way to organize them!

  6. yeahhh the comment below is from me. signed me in to my old account. werid!