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Madd Style Cosmetics: Yellow to Red!

I was very excited recently to get my first "can you please recreate this look and make a tutorial of it" request from the Madd Style Cosmetics FB Fan Page! So a big thank you to Angela for seeing this picture...

(All pictures can be clicked on for larger versions.)

and wanting me to recreate it using a yellow that is still available through the MSC shop. In the above look I used "Blister in the Sun" for the yellow, but it is now (sadly) discontinued. Angela requested this look because she has "Kick Ass" (the red you see above) and she wasn't sure what to do with it. This is the first time I've ever actually tried to recreate a look that I had done in the past, so it was a fun exercise!!

To begin--gather the supplies!

(Left to right: Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black"; Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in "Zero"; The All Natural Face Eyeshadow Primer in "Buff"; NYX Eyeshadow Base; Madd Style Cosmetic piggies in: Neverending Summer, Kick Ass, & your favorite white (I used "Columbia" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection, but MSC's newest white--Thunder Snow--would work out great too!); small eyeshadow brush; large angle brush; pointed crease brush; fluffy fluffy blending brush; pencil-style brush.)

Start with an eye that has been primed and prepped. For a detailed view on how I do this, check out my most recent blog.

Grab a small shadow brush, dip it into Neverending Summer (a lovely yellow/gold), swirl the brush around on the inside of the lid to pack the colour into the bristles, and then pat pat pat it on to about 2/3rds of the lid.

To soften the line at the crease, take the brush again and gently blend the colour up! You don't have to worry too much about this step, because you're going to be doing more crease work later. But I like to keep things pretty neat as I go along. :)

Then, taking a large slanted/angled brush--dip it into Kick Ass (a deep red with red glitter) and pat the brush inside of the lid to pack the colour into the bristles. I tend to experience quite a bit of fallout with Kick Ass--so don't put too much of this one on your brush at once! You can always add more later. Then, place the brush at the outside corner of your eye at an angle that suits you. In my original look, I used a quite sharp angle for the red--in this version, the angle was a bit less sharp. You can play around with it though! If you've never tried this kind of placement before, it's a good rule of thumb to follow the angle of your lower lashline--imagine that it continued going up towards the end of your eyebrow. That is the angle that you want.

To finish with the general shape you're going after, take more Kick Ass on to the same brush and fill in that gap between the Kick Ass angled line and Neverending Summer. Then take even MORE Kick Ass on to the brush and run it along the outer 1/3rd of the lower lash line.

Now we're gonna get blendy with it!! Grab a pointed crease brush and dip it into Kick Ass--swirl it into the lid, and carefully blend Kick Ass toward Neverending Summer on the lid and then up into the crease.

And to create more of a yellow-to-orange-to-red gradient, using the same brush, dip it into Neverending Summer and blend the other way back into Kick Ass. Do the same thing in the crease--with more Neverending Summer on the brush, go from your inner eye, up into the inner crease, and blend with the Kick Ass that is up there in the crease.

Depending on your tastes and if you like the rather harsh line at the end of Kick Ass--you can leave it as is (in my original look I left it a sharp line). I decided, this time, to blend it out a bit to soften that line. Using that same magical pointed crease brush, run it along that line to blur it just a tad.

For the highlight, I switch to an extra fluffy blending brush and dipped it into Columbia (which isn't available any longer--but grab your favorite highlight!) and brushed it along my brow bone. The reason I like Columbia for this purpose is that it's quite sheer so you don't end up with a sparkley sparkly brow bone, but it still adds a nice finish to the look since it's a rather bold look to begin with. Using the same brush, I also applied a smidge of Columbia to my ducts and blended up from the inner eye to the crease/inner brow area.

To finish up the lower lash line, switch to a pencil-style brush and dip it into Neverending Summer. Apply that colour from the inside of the lower lash line over to where Kick Ass begins. Blend those two colours together slightly.

Liner + Mascara! For the liner I used Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes which is a cream eyeliner. I used the little brush that it comes with and kept the line quite thin on the inner part of my eye, but made it thicker at the outside of the eye. And as usual, I applied my favorite mascara: Gabriel Color.

Annnnnnnnnnnd your look is complete!

(Without flash.)

(With flash.)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you're inspired to dig out those red and yellow pigments and throw them together on your eyelid! If you have any looks you'd like to see recreated that I've posted on Facebook--let me know! I'm always happy to tell you how I made it happen.

This is also a very exciting day for Madd Style Cosmetics--they are celebrating their 1st birthday! YAY! There are several new colours, a brand-spankin' new collection, a new fancy logo, a 20% Sale code (MADDBDAY) and three new Madd Style models have been inducted into the Madd Cats club!! Head on over to the Facebook fan page or the Etsy page to take a gander at all of the pretties. :)

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