Monday, January 10, 2011

Things to come.

I may be shifting the focus of this blog...just a little bit. Or you know, a lot a bit. Recently I was tremendously lucky to have been given a present from my family for X-mas that they never should have bought for me: a Nikon D90. My Mom casually asked me a few months ago what i might be lusting after and I replied that the only thing I could think of her getting for me would be to pitch in some $ so I could buy a camera that I decided I *needed* (read: wanted, but really really wanted). Unbeknownst to me, the camera was wrapped and under our tree on December 25th.

One of the main reasons for wanting said very very pretty camera (who I have since named Sally) was to help me in taking make-up pictures. And help, it has. Yes, I put on make-up sometimes. And yes, I like to take pictures of it.

Evidence of Sally hard at work:

**All colours used are Madd Style Cosmetics. Read below for more info on the company and where you can find them!!**

And yes. I take pictures with Sally that aren't make-up pictures.

But back to the point:

My make-up addiction (yes, addiction) began as a voyeur sport just about two years ago. A message board I used to stalk (also another of my voyeur sports) had a forum about health/beauty/etc. And one day I learned about mineral makeup and about companies that sell it through Etsy. If you haven't checked Etsy out before, you should. It's an awesome place where you can find handmade goodies. Many mineral companies on Etsy have vegan makeup, which was a surprise to me! I knew that my options as a vegan were greatly limited and thus my pre-addiction make-up routine amounted to: putting on mascara. But suddenly I had been exposed to seller after seller who made colour after colour after colour--and vegan to boot! (This isn't to say that EVERY mineral company on Etsy is 100% vegan, because that is certainly far from the truth--so do your research!) The story gets long and a bit complicated after this, but I have had a lot of fun learning how to apply this awesome stuff and have made a lot of great friends through the Facebook pages of said mineral make-up companies.

My new adventure *may* be writing a few make-up tutorial blogs in the coming few days in order to be eligible to apply for a modeling position at my favorite place to get makeup: Madd Style Cosmetics. They also have a Facebook Fan Page and you should check them out, if you haven't already.

More about all of this to follow...


  1. Awesome pictures - and congrats on your new present! Woo-hoo <3

  2. Thanks! I'm *loving* it so far!! Now that I'm back to work (from a vacation) it's sad that I only have two good days where I can take pictures. :(