Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am still primerless. My Sobe Botanicals package with my (hopefully) new (favorite) primer has not arrived yet. It was shipped to me on the 5th and I keep hoping that maybe it'll just take two weeks to get to me--which means it could be here ANY TIME! But I keep checking my mailbox and getting all disappointed when I find it empty. One day, maybe one day, mail won't take three weeks to get to me from America. Maybe. One. Day.

Yesterday I had an un-fun day at work and decided to try to cheer myself up with colours. One of my friends suggested I try using chapstick as a primer, just for the time being. I tried it. It worked long enough for me to take some okay pictures, but the colours blended together and creased pretty severely shortly (within an hour, I would guess) after I applied it. Maybe next time I'll try less chapstick?

It really just all depends on how long my darn package takes to get to me!! Bah! And this also depends on me actually being happy with the results of the SoBe product! So many variables.

Here is a collage I made of the look I did yesterday (see xsparkage's tutorial on youtube for the method behind the madness).

As usual, the pigments I used were MSC. And I realized after struggling with photoshop in order to make that darn collage (all by myself, mind you!!) that I forgot my tear duct colour: Xray Spex.

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