Monday, January 17, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Brad and Jubilee, sitting in a tree.

Okay, are you ready?!! Here it is, my first blog tutorial!!! *excited!!!*

Much to my disappointment, I realized AFTER taking all of the pictures that my camera's White Balance setting had been messed up by a friend who was over pressing all of the buttons. Here I thought I was just looking blue...because of the blue eyeshadow?! Regardless--if you want to find out how I achieve this:

(This picture shows colours truer to how they appear in real life.)

then please keep reading. And! ALL pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them, so if you want a bit more detail, you may be in luck! :)

First you will need to gather all of your supplies.
From left to right (and top to bottom) you see: NYX Eyeshadow base in White, a small eyeshadow brush, a medium sized flat/paddle style eyeshadow brush, a pointed crease brush, a fluffy blending brush, MSC: Love and Rockets, MSC: Jubilee, MSC: Columbia, MSC: Brad, and mascara.

You may be asking yourself: "Wait a second! What about primer? What kind of primer do you use?!" Well, dear readers, please see this post for an explanation on that. You should be using your primer of choice before you apply your eyeshadow base of choice. Primers help to keep your base and pigments in their place and they also help to stop any unsightly creasing. So lets all just pretend that I have applied a primer.

*inserts imaginary picture of primer being applied*

After your primer is applied, you can move on to your eyeshadow base. Eyeshadow bases help to give your pigment something to stick to--and white bases help to make your colours really POP. I like to use a small eyeshadow brush to apply my base, that way I get a nice even coverage and my fingers don't get all sticky!

I spread it around on my eyelid. Don't worry about it being too perfect, you'll be fixing that.

As you can see, I have just roughly placed it where I want it to be.

Once you have it mostly where you want it to be, you can blend it out with your finger, or your brush (as I did). I blended it up towards my crease/orbital bone, down by my inner eye/tear duct, and also down below my lower lash-line (about 1/3 of the way from the outside corner of my eye to the middle of my eye).

And now to get some brushes dirty!! This shows my process of dealing with loose pigments. Whichever brush I am using, I always dip it in the pigment and then swirl it around in the lid of the jar to pack it into the bristles--this also helps to get the pigment evenly distributed. Yay for "killing two birds with one stone" (vegans need some animal friendly sayings...obviously!). For my lid colours I almost *always* use my (Body Shop) paddle-style eyeshadow brush. The pigment shown here is MSC's Love and Rockets.

For loose pigments you want to make sure that you
pat the pigment on. Pat pat pat until you get the consistency and colour pay-off that you want. Patting is important because if you drag the pigment along or use a "swiping" motion two things will most likely happen: fall out (probably!) & loss of glitter (if you are using a glittery pigment). This issue is less of a concern if you are using a shimmery or satin colour, as I am here--but patting helps to really pack on the colour--which you definitely want!! Here I am applying Love and Rockets to the inner 1/3 of my eyelid--I also applied it to the inner eye by the tear ducts as well.

Using the same brush (and the same swirling technique I showed above), I am now applying MSC's Brad to the rest of my lid.
(This picture helps to show where I stopped applying Love and Rockets--see the line where Brad starts? Love and Rockets is on the other side!)

I like to blend my pigments together as I move from the inner to outer eyelid. To blend Love and Rockets with Brad, I use the same "pat" as I do to apply the pigment--I patted from Brad in toward the inner 1/3 of my lid. No extra product is needed on your brush, just pick up some of the eyelid colour you want to "move" and pat pat pat in the direction that you want to blend. (This isn't to say you can't add extra Brad to your brush before blending towards Love and Rocket, you totally can!)

Brush change, brush change! Using my (Alima) pointed crease brush, I dip into MSC's wonderful Jubilee and with the same swirling motion on the inside of the lid, I get the pigment nice and even on the bristles.

Starting at the outside corner of my eye (in between my eye ball and the socket) I use a windshield wiper motion to apply Jubilee up into my crease and all the way towards my inner eye (but not down all the way to the ducts!). While I putting Jubilee in the crease I also pat it towards Brad a tad, to help blend those two colours together. I also bring a bit of Jubilee down from my outer eyelid on to my lower lash-line. I only bring it as far as I placed the NYX eyeshadow base.
(My "true" crease is much lower than where you see my applying my colour--as I have semi-hooded eyelids, I like to pull my crease colour up higher so that when my eyes are open, my crease colour is visible.)

For my brow highlight colour, I change to my very fluffy (ELF) blender brush. I dip my brush into MSC's Columbia and use the same swirling motion on the inside of the lid. I concentrate the pigment below the arch of my eyebrow and sweep it along the whole brow-bone area. At the same time, I marry Jubilee with Columbia to help fade out Jubilee a bit. I also bring Columbia down towards my inner eye and dust it along by my tear duct.

A little bit of black mascara--I use Gabriel Color Mascara (it sure is hard to find a good vegan mascara! I have been using this brand for years now and I quite like it)--and you're done!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it!! The colours I have used are suggestions only, so don't fret if you don't have Brad or Jubilee or any of the colours I have used--just replace them with an MSC lighter blue and an MSC darker blue and you'll be set! If there is an MSC colour you've been dying to see in action, leave me a comment and I'll try to work it into my next tutorial. :)

Remember to check out Madd Style's Etsy shop. Mo is going to be putting up some new colours soon--and you won't want to miss out on those!