Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where I lament about my lack of a primer.

Up until a few weeks ago (right after New Years Day, to be exact), my makeup wearing abilities were dramatically altered.

I had been a happy vegan customer of Urban Decay and faithfully used their Primer Potion for my eyeshadow primer as it was marked with Marley's purple paw--the symbol that UD uses as their "vegan" signifier. Sometime after December 31st I was browsing UD's website when much to my dismay, I came across this (click to enlarge):

Oooooh, I was sad. The non-vegan ingredient is a derivative of lanolin (the oil that comes from a sheep's wool). I was sad about this and also sad because I had stocked up on two whole bottles while on a recent trip down to the States because they are considerably cheaper south of the 49th parallel. -sigh-

I keep meaning to take a trip to my local Sephora to see if they still have the UDPP marked as vegan. They probably do, and that means that vegans who don't regularly check UD's website won't know about the announcement that was made in November about the un-veganess of that product.

Thus began my search for a NEW primer--and the search has been...relatively unfruitful. As of right now I have ALL of my "eggs" in one basket--SoBe Botanicals offers a vegan primer called Primed & Proper. I ordered it on January 2nd, it was shipped on January 5th, and I have yet to receive it. If this product doesn't stop my creasing, the only other option I know of is The All Natural Face's primer--but from the looks of their packaging, I'm *really* hoping that SoBe's primer doesn't let me down. Today I also got all excited after learning that Sugarpill will be coming out with their own primer--but then my excitement was extinguished when a friend of mine asked Amy (owner/creator of Sugarpill) if the product will be vegan. The answer is negative.

So my fingers are crossed very tightly for my SoBe primer. Oh, are they ever!

(PS: If any of my followers have any leads on any awesome vegan primers, I would *love love love* to hear about them!!!)


  1. Hey gorgeous!

    I have The All Natural Face's primer (the one that ISN'T forumulated for oily lids) and I find it is only *okay*. It has days where it wants to crease and I find in general it just doesn't hold up like others- it also doesn't dry, just... sits there. Kinds of like putting balm on your lids I suppose. ALSO I find that the primer formulated for oily lids is a little more tempermental, but I've only used it a couple of times. :)

  2. Gah! Last night I actually ordered the All Natural Face one too (the one for oily lids and the new black one) because I am so antsy about not having a primer to begin with!! At least they're only 3 bucks a pop.

    Thanks for your feedback though!!!