Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Candy Inspired!

Fellow Madd (Style Cosmetics) Model Beth Br00tality had an (awesome) idea that we all do looks inspired by....candy (!) this week. We all hopped on the candy train and chose our own candies to inspire us and our looks. I knew that I wanted to choose a vegan candy--even though back when I ate candy, I wasn't vegan (I've been vegan for just over 6 years and haven't have smidgen of candy in over 10)--and one of my favorites from when I was a kid were Maynard's Fuzzy Peaches! I especially liked this picture of them and used it for my inspiration...but that picture is copy written (as it should be! It's awesome!), so if you're link phobic (and for some reason don't know the glouriousness that are Fuzzy Peaches), they essentially look like this:

I wanted to use the same colours and the rounded shape of the colours in the Fuzzy Peaches in my Madd Style Cosmetics look. And this is what I came up with:

(No flash! Click on pictures for larger versions, as always!)

To find out more about how I achieved this look, please keep on reading. :)

To begin, the supplies you will need are as follows:

(NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White"; The All Natural Face Shadow Primer in "Buff"; Gabriel Color Mascara in "Black"; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies in (top row) Strange Potion, Princess Buttahcup, Xray Spex, (bottom row) Peep Show, Boognish (*now discontinued*) and Dazzle Dust; a pointed crease brush; a small eyeshadow brush; a fluffy crease/blending brush.)

Start with a squeaky clean eye and begin by priming and then applying a base. In this first photo I have applied the All Natural Face primer to the center of my lid--I then blended it out with my finger to the entire lid. In the middle picture you see the NYX Eyeshadow Base applied and in the last picture it is blended out on the entire lid.

Grab some Strange Potion (an awesome duochromed pinkish orangeish colour) on a pointed crease brush (swirl the brush around in the inside of the lid to get the colour evenly dispersed amongst the bristles). Apply this colour to the inner eye up into the inner crease.

Then, using the same brush and the same piggie, apply it to the outer corner and up to the crease. In the middle picture you see the inner with the outer. And in the third picture, you can see that I joined the two colours in the crease but left the majority of the center of the lid "empty".

Again, with the same brush and the same pigment, take a bit of colour on to the inner and outer parts of the lower lash line.

Changing your brush, grab a small eyeshadow brush and dip it into Peep Show (a bright coral with *gold* sparkle!). Carefully apply this to the center of your lid--filling in that whole space that was left "empty". I gently blended the edges of Peep Show out into Strange Potion at this step as well.

Using that same eyeshadow brush, grab a bit of Boognish to apple to the "empty" center part of your lower lash line.

With a fluffy blending/crease brush, dip it into Princess Buttahcup (a pale and shimmery yellow) and apply it above the Strange Potion--starting at the outside corner and working your way in toward the inner part of the crease.

Then, using that same fluffy blending brush, dip it into XRay Spex (a lovely neutral colour with pink glitzy duochrome) and dust that below your brow and above the Princess Buttahcup. And using that same pointed crease brush, apply a bit of the XRay Spex to your tear duct area.

To get that "sugar" coated look, I took that same fluffy blending brush and dipped it into the ultra glitzy Dazzle Dust. All you need to do here is "pat" it all over your lid and a bit into the crease. To get the sparkle to stick, you could apply some kind of glitter adhesive to your lids (or maybe the brush?) first--but I find that Dazzle Dust is fine enough that it basically sticks around for as long as it should without messing around with it too much!

Apply some mascara and that's it! I found that my finished look didn't have quite enough "orange" in it, so I applied a bit more of the Boognish to my pointed crease brush and applied it to the outer part of my lid (on top of where the outer portion of Strange Potion used to be).

(No flash)

(With flash!)

I think my look could have had even more orange and yellow to it--but I liked the way the "rounded" Peep Show on the lid mirrored the very round shape of the pinkish/reddish colour in the Fuzzy Peaches.

I hope you liked this little tutorial and that if nothing else--you've been inspired to go find some Fuzzy Peaches to eat while browsing the plethora of awesome colours that are offered by none-other-than Madd Style Cosmetics!