Monday, April 4, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Shimmeryness of Lip Bombs?

A Madd Style Cosmetics fan over on the FB page asked a question the other day about how shimmery the "shimmery" bombs are. I decided to see what luck I'd have taking swatch photos of my bombs that *I* consider to be on the "shimmery" side. I realize that the ones I have taken pictures of are not necessarily still for sale, but I think they demonstrate a good spectrum of how "shimmery" Mo is talking about when she lists one of her Lip Bombs as "shimmery".

Of course, it's a rainy mess outside today, so this might not have been the perfect circumstances for photographing the bombs, however, I think I got some good shots!!

(All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

I consider the "Gingerbread" bomb to be my most shimmery, and as you can see with the "no flash" photos, the shimmer is subtle. I also tried slapping these on my lips to display them that way, for these the flash was necessary.

This was one of the first ones I ever received and I looooove it. It is quite shimmery, I suppose?

Pink Poison has such an awesome colour to it. *swoons!!*

This one has the "largest" glitter in it as the gloss (also named Frankencake) it is based off a gloss that had the most awesome bigger specks of glitter in it. The glitter in this bomb obviously blinded my camera just a little bit--but on the street, people wouldn't think "WOW, GLITTER!"

Again with the colour pay-off! This one is one of my all-time favs.

Although I would consider this my most "shimmery"--even with a flash, you can see the the shimmer factor is subtle (and lovely!).

On the "less" shimmery side, is something like Poprock. There is still some "glitz", but not much!

I hope that has helped give you an idea of the shimmer factor in Madd Style Cosmetics's wonderful vegan lip bombs. They're all so smooth and moisturizing, you really cannot go wrong!


  1. Indeed, Krissi! INDEED!! :)

  2. Skelekitty & Pink Poison are PACKED with glitter - just like their namesake!

  3. Aw thats awesome Danielle thanks so much for doing this. I was a bit afraid theyd be cake-y and thick like chapstick with glitter thrown in. Now I really cant wait for mine! <3

  4. You are very welcome, Lana! I'm glad that I could help clear up some of the questions you had. :)