Monday, April 18, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Oz is Down the Hidden Track

Hi! *waves*

The other day I wanted to try pairing Madd Style Cosmetics's Hidden Track (described as a mustard brown color with a murky green duochrome) with Oz (a jewel toned emerald with multicolored shimmer and yellow glitter) to see what would come of it. I had previously done a tutorial combining Hidden Track with a yellow, but this time I wanted to pull on that green duochrome in it and pair it with a green. I quite liked the combination!

So, if you want to find out how I achieved this look:

(This was taken without a flash.)
(All pictures can be clicked for larger versions.)

Then please keep on reading.

To begin, gather all of your supplies!

(Gabriel Color mascara in "Black"; NYX Eyeshadow Base in "White"; The All Natural Face Shadow Primer in "Buff"; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies in: 3rd Wish (from the Sham ROCK collection), Hidden Track, Oz and Tweaker; eye shadow brush; fluffy crease brush; smudger brush; pointed/domed crease brush; fluffy fluffy blending brush.)

As always, start with a clean eye and apply your chosen primer and then a base. Using my finger, I applied the All Natural Face primer to the center of my lid and then blended it out. Next, using the same method, I applied the NYX Eyeshadow Base on top of the primer and blended it out.

(I have some dry skin, as you can see, at my lash line. Not good, but I didn't know it was happening until I put the primer on!)

Taking 3rd Wish (available in this amazing collection!) on an eyeshadow brush, I applied it to my tear duct and into the first 1/3rd (or so) of my lid. Remember, as with all Madd Style's piggies, you want to "pat" these on to your eyelid. Avoid "swiping" as much as possible!! You'll lose the pretty glitter if you do that. With colours like 3rd Wish and Hidden Track, however, they're more so "shimmery" colours and thus can be swiped on, if you so choose. But I'm in favor of you all getting into the (good) habit of just always patting on your piggies!

Next, taking Hidden Track on the same brush, I applied it to the rest of my lid.

To blend these two together a bit better, I put a bit more Hidden Track on my brush and lightly patted it where you see the line between the two colours.

Now you're ready for your crease colour. I switched to a fluffy crease brush and got some Oz on to it (dip your brush into the pigment and then "swirl" the brush around on the inside of the lid to get the colour evenly distributed throughout the bristles) and apply it to the outer eye and pull the colour up into the crease towards your inner eye (follow the crease though, don't bring this dark colour in down towards your tear ducts or anything like that! And don't bring it in all the way into the inner part of your eye--that'll get a bit too dark and will make your eyes appear smaller than they really are).

At this point, we have something like this. Notice how the Oz is just kinda sitting there on the outside looking kind of awkward and unblended with Hidden Track? Don't worry, we're going to fix that!

Take that same fluffy crease brush and apply a bit more Oz to it. Then, put the brush on your outer eye and gently apply the colour to the outer-most part of your lid. Gently blend it with Hidden Track and you'll end up in a much better (and prettier!) situation.

For the lower lash line, take a smudger type brush and dip it into Oz. Then apply this to your lower lash line, but only bring it in about 1/2ish way from the outer corner.

When I got to this point, I decided the shape of Oz wasn't quite what I wanted. So, I used my magic...finger (!!) to clean up the edges and "erase" some of the Oz that went out too far in the outer corner. By the end of this, I had a more "rounded" shape.

Now, you'll notice that Oz (in the inner eye) is kinda just floating around and isn't blended in very well. To solve that, take 3rd Wish again, but this time on a pointed/domed crease brush and apply it from the ducts up towards Oz.

Lastly, for the highlight--I used Tweaker on a fluffy fluffy brush and lightly applied it on the brow bone while also blending it down towards Oz to make that shift between Oz and Tweaker a bit more soft.

All that's left is mascara and it's finished!

(With flash)

(Without flash)

I think the golden tones in 3rd Wish played nicely with the golden qualities of Hidden Track. And Oz also has a bit of goldeness to it (because of the yellow glitter)--so all three colours jived together quite well (at least I thought so!). I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you have any questions or want further details about one of the steps, let me know. :)

Annnnd, if you have any Madd Style Cosmetics piggies that you'd love to see used in a future tutorial, just let me know in the comments and I will try to work your request into my next pictutorial.