Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Happy: March Happiness Project!

My lovely friend Lizzy just asked me if I would participate in a blog daily project. It's a fun theme--so why not?! (I feel like I just got "tagged" in something and that is exciting...I've never been tagged before!!)

Be prepared to read a post for every day in March about what makes *me* happy! I'll be sharing links to Lizzy's posts t00 and hopefully our posts will inspire you all to smile and be happy with us. :)

(I am also convinced that this post is somewhere in internet-twilight-zone. I posted it, I see it, other people can see it, I can google search for it--but it is not the first entry at the top of my blog, even though it's the newest one. Riddle me that!)


  1. You goof!  I've tagged you in a blog game before!!!  Remember the ABC one?

  2. OH GOSH!  That is true!!!!  I forgotted.  :)