Monday, February 13, 2012

Madd Style Cosmetics: The Joker (inspired!)

Helllllllllllllllllooooooo readers! I recently posted this look on the Madd Style Cosmetics FB Fanpage and one of my lovely friends, Brandy, asked that I do a tutorial for it! I couldn't say no, obviously. :)

Since the look is highly dependent on the double liner--I wanted to be able to offer you all a filmed version, but I was worried that filming the whole look would take waaaaaaaaaaaay too long (doing liner, as you'll hear me say in the filmed version, seriously takes me forever. FOREVER), so what you'll have coming up is a blend! Part photos, part film. Please let me know if the blend works for you.

To begin, gather your supplies!

(Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Barry M "Intense Black Mascara"; Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-on Pencils in Zero and Yeyo; Madd Style Cosmetics Piggies (clockwise from the top left): Ecto Cooler, Mondo, Toxic Love Spell, Birfday Suit, Tweaker, and Misfits and Moonbeams; Madd Style Cosmetics Pop N Lock Shadow Base; Brushes: small shader, pointed crease brush, slanted shadow brush, pencil brush and an angled liner brush.)

As always, start with a squeaky clean lid!

Do some priming. A priming is a very important step! It will help your shadows stay in their place and "creaseless" all day! I put a small amount on my ring finger, rub the two ring fingers together, and spread the product on the lid, up to the brow, down around the duct area and on the lower lash line.

I *finally* got some MSC Pop N Lock! This is MSC's Shadow Base and let me tell you--it's pretty special. It comes in a little 5g jar. The product itself is almost like a solid creamy powder (it's a really interesting texture!!). You can apply this with a brush (I've seen Madd Model Ana do that! And while I have Ana on the mind--she is currently hosting a contest!! The deadline is Feb 15th--so you still have a few days to enter! See here for more details.) orrrr you can use a clean finger (as I have done)!

Just like with your primer--apply this all over your lid, up to the crease/brow bone area.

Lastly, for the prepping steps, grab an eyeliner pencil and line your lower lash line. I use white (because I really only have a white, a black, and a brown pencil!) and line the duct area and all the way down the lower lash line. If you had a purple liner, you could line the duct with white and the lash line itself with purple. It's up to you! :)

Now for some colour! Grab your shader brush, dip it into Ecto Cooler (a super duper lime green) and press the bristles of your brush into the lid of the jar--this will help disperse the colour evenly and will help to eliminate fallout. Apply this colour all over the lid by "patting" the colour on (this will also help to eliminate fallout!).

You want to be sure this colour goes all the way up to your crease. Here I needed to apply just a bit more!

Next, take a clean fluffy blending brush. Gently blend the Ecto Cooler out so it fades nicely instead of being a stark line at the crease. Do "wind shield wiper" (as Cora from Vintage or Tacky says!) motions in the crease until you are happy with your blending.

Now, switch to a pointed crease brush and dip it into Misfits and Moonbeams (a neat blackened green). Swirl the brush around on the inside of the jar's lid to make sure the colour is evenly dispersed through the bristles of your brush. Place this colour on the very outer edge of your crease--angling it up toward the end of your eyebrow.

Using the same brush, blend this colour into the Ecto Cooler (on the lid) and bring the colour up and into the outer part of your crease.

For final touches on the lid--switch back to that fluffy blending brush and blend blend blend the edges of the Misfits and Moonbeams. You want the darker colour to be concentrated on the outer part of the eye--so don't bring it in past about the halfway point of your crease. Then, if in all of this crazy blending you've lost some of the Ecto Cooler--don't worry! Just apply some more! :) I also layered it over top of the Misfits and Moonbeams to ensure a nice gradient.

For the duct, take a small pencil brush. Dip it into Tweaker (a white with green sparkle--it is now, sadly, discontinued--so use your favorite white!) and dab this colour on to the duct. Blend it in slightly with the Ecto Cooler and bring it down below the duct and a bit toward the inner part of the lower lash line.

(At this point I also cleaned up the edge of Misfits and Moonbeams (as you can tell on the rightmost picture) with my finger! Remember--you want your colour to angle "upward"--this will help to uplift your eyes.)

And now for the liner!!!!!!!!

(My goal on my next filmed tutorial is to add some "fading" between the cuts! I finally *just* figured out how to do it while I'm waiting for the above video to finish uploading!!)

This is the final look!

For some reason my "non-tutorial" eye photographed better--so I'll share that with you, too! I also prefer how the Toxic Love Spell liner turned out on this eye! Its angle is more "upward"! :)


  1. eyegraffiti.blogspot.comJanuary 22, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    This combo is gorgeous! Love that green colour. And great video too!

  2. You're so cute! And the MU looks great!

  3. Oh shucks!  Thanks so much!  :)

  4. Loved the video - you are just too cute!

  5. Eeee!  :)  Thank you!