Friday, February 10, 2012

Victorian Disco Cosmetics Review

I have been anxiously awaiting my very first package from Victorian Disco Cosmetics and today the waiting finally came to an end! VDC is a relatively new mineral eyeshadow company that I came to know through my ever lovely friend, Courtney (of Glamourpuss). VDC produces vegan eyeshadow and when I saw their Final Fantasy inspired duos, I knew that I *had* to have them!!

I placed my order on January 19th. As you'll see from my photos, my package was mailed on January 25th. I received it (in Canada) today! The wait was a bit long, but the mail must just be moving slowly right now! So without further ado--let's get on to the pictures!!

My package was shipped in a standard bubble mailer. It got to me safe and sound!

VDC puts special care in packaging, as you can see. My whole order was bundled together in this little cute black bag.

The invoice was included--with a special little note. (Enlarge if you want to read all of the geeky-ness. :))

I quite like their business cards! The faint lace background is a lovely touch!

My order came with two samples. Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon! I forgot to swatch these while I was taking pictures, but as you can see, one is a nice deep purple while the other is a pretty gold colour.

All of my duos came in mini-little black bags. A bit overkill on the packaging, maybe. But it's still nice to see a new(ish) company putting in so much effort on presentation!

The lids of each pot have a lovely "Crystalline Affections" sticker on the top.

And now...on to the colours!!

Lulu/Wakka. I really like that the bottoms of the jars list the ingredients and whether the product is lip safe! That is handy! Lulu is a lovely blackened purple with a lot of purple glitter. When I swatched it, this colour felt the "grittiest"--but I think that is because of all of the glitter. Wakka, on the other hand, was smooth as vegan-butter. Wakka was described as a "golden orangey rust color with orange flecks and copper glitter".
(One thing to note: these jars did NOT come with sifters--which I like!
I'm anti-sifter, if you will!)

Riona/Squall. These two colours are gorgeous!! Riona is a very pretty light blue. Squall surprised me--I liked it (him!) way more than I thought I would!! It's a lovely deep brown with gold glitter.

Aeris/Cloud. This pair is easily the reason I purchased in the first place--because they're characters in my *favorite* FF game, FFVII! Aeris is a stunning light pink with rose coloured glitter. Cloud is a deep blue with gold glitter. Both are just sooooooo pretty.

Yuna/Tidus. The second pair that I knew I had to have! Yuna is a light lavender toned pink with pink glitter. Tidus is a really really neat gold with gold glitter--I don't have another gold colour quite like this! (And here I thought I had every gold IN THE WORLD!)

And now for some swatches!! The top half of the picture is in natural light, the bottom has a flash. These were applied over MTCoffinz "Under the Rainbow" primer. The flash really helps to show off the lovely sheen that these colours have. These are also some of the only mineral eyeshadows that I have that contain "caranuba wax" as an ingredient...and I was very curious to see how that would "feel" different on my skin. So far, I haven't noticed much of a difference!

My experience, thus far, with VDC has been great! I would definitely recommend them based on the pigmentation and texture of their product. I also really appreciate the little touches like the signed invoice and great care they take in packaging their orders. VDC also does their own glitter blends and I've seen some pretty spectacular pictures of those--so I'll have to try them out in my next order!

Very soon I hope to put these colours to work in some looks!! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my review!

Edit (7:45pm!): I decided to play with Tidus and Squall. They were calling to me!

Tidus on the lid, waterline and first half of the lower lash line. Squall in the crease, outer lash line, and outer-most lid.

(I used a non-VCD colour in my duct and to blend out Squall/as a brow highlight. I also used another company's matte black as a dry/smudgy winged liner.)


  1. I really need to try some of their stuff.

  2. Oooooh I so need Tidus & Sailor Moon! So do!

  3. You definitely *definitely* need Tidus.  It's such a neat antique-y gold!