Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naked Cosmetics Haul + Review

As!! As I mentioned in this post, I recently got a crazy awesome Naked Cosmetics haul!! Yaaaahooo!! My lovely friend Mo (of Madd Style Cosmetics) let me know about a super awesome kit she was ordering from Naked Cosmetics--and once I knew about, I could not resist getting one for myself!

My first Naked Cosmetics purchase was at the 2011 Vancouver IMATS. I purchased the very lovely Ivory Stack (which will be photographed and swatched with this haul, even though I didn't buy them at the same time!) after seeing Xsparkage rave about it for quite a while on her youtube channel. When I purchased the Ivory Stack it was discounted (I feel like I paid $30 for it). Regularly, Naked Cosmetics pigment stacks (of 6 colours) are quite pricey (they're usually $59.99 each!!), but when I found out about the $165 pro starter kit deal I essentially went mad with desire. Yep, makeup sales are madness inducing!! The only issue is that Naked Cosmetics does not list their ingredients on their website!! My desire was put on hold until I heard back from the customer service people about which of their stacks are vegan-friendly. Peter Estey, the cusomer service rep I emailed back and forth with, was so extremely helpful. At first everyone with the ingredients listing was out of the office, but Peter kindly offered to save a promo for me (in case it sold out while I was waiting) until he could track down the info I was requesting! Wonderful customer service! Eventually Peter and I sorted out the details of my order--it was even arranged that I could substitute the (non-vegan friendly) brushes for a double up on the shadow base and gloss base! As you can tell, before I even received my product, I was a happy customer. Last but not least, once my order was shipped--it was received by me *very* quickly! I'm used to waiting quite a while for U.S. products to cross the border into Canada. I'm convinced Naked Cosmetics has some kind of awesome deal with the border because I've seriously never received anything so fast!

Enough with all of the words! Let's get on to the goods!!!

As you saw in my original (teaser) posted, this was my order! It included 2 Clear Bases, 2 Gloss Bases, an angled liner brush and collection stacks in: Sierra Nevada, Mother Nature, Harvest Moon, Heavy Metal, Twilight, Debonaire and Ebony. I will say it right now that these are SUCH beautiful products. They're all finely milled, mixed to perfection and apply like a dream!

First up, Sierra Nevada! A wonderful "neutral" collection from a light highlight all the way to a matte deep black!

The "white" in this collection is actually quite beautiful. It has a pink duo-chrome property that didn't photograph all that well. The next colour is a light goldish tan--it's gorgeous!! Then we have a coppery colour, a silvery one, a bronzey one and a matte black. The shimmer/sheen to these is just spectacular!

(At the end of the individual collection pots and swatch pictures, I will post a two pictures of the swatches without the flash. The flash really helps to show how awesome these are though, so I will be posting the "with flash" pictures in the bulk of this post! All of the swatches in this post were done over MTCoffinz "Under the Rainbow" primer! Lastly, click all pictures for a closer look!)

Next, Mother Nature! This collection ranges from white to gold to red to green to tan to a reeeeeally neat duo-chrome reddish brownish colour with an intense green sheen.

The white in this collection is mostly just a pearly white. The gold here is more "yellow" toned than the gold from the Sierra Nevada collection. The red is a lovely rusted red. The last three are really what makes this group special. The green has a super goldish sheen. The tan! Oh, the tan. Something about this colour speaks to me!! Then the last colour likely speaks all for itself. Isn't it neat?!

Harvest Moon was pretty much the reason I needed to make this order. Never mind that it shares a name with a neato video game--this is a truely remarkable collection! In the pots you might think this is a rather unassuming collection--but the swatches are something else! This one ranges from a white (with a pink duochrome), to an orange (with a pink duochrome), a yellow "truer" gold, a green (with an intense gold shimmer), an antique-ish gold and a brown with a green duochrome.

See?!!!! What did I tell you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAH! I believe that these swatches need no explanation.

Now, for some Heavy Metal! These ones all have a beautiful metallic spin. You get a silver, gold, bronze (at least I think you'd call it a "bronze"...), copper, a SUPER eggplant purple and a smashing blue!

These ones are loveeeely! The gold is a bit "sheer", but ultra sparkly. The purple and blue in this group are just to die for, wouldn't you agree? :)

The Twilight collection surprised me the most. I *love* this one. Similar to the Harvest Moon group, this collection might not look like so much in the pot--but swatched, oh my gosh! Just you wait....

BAH! Are you amazed?! Every single colour in this collection of 6 is just freakin' spectacular! The first colour is a very neat light taupish colour with a pink sheen. The second colour is a pale sparkly blue. That third colour...well's great, that's what it is! It's a light grey with a pink sheen. The fourth colour looks blue in the pot, but bursts out with some green/teal shimmer!! The fifth colour is a nice sparkly dark blue. And the last colour is a sparkly navy blue with a soft black base.

Debonaire is next! This is the solid "smokey" eye set! You go from whites to greys/silvers to matte black.

Yep, it's great! The white is a pearly high sheen white (it's definitely more opaque than the white from Mother Nature). The second white is an ultra sparkly white. The third colour is actually a pale pale super glittery silver-white. Then you get a lovely pearly grey/silver. Next is a darker more "glittery" grey. Lastly is a matte black (the glitter you see must have gotten there by mistake!).

Ebony! All of these colours have a blackened base--it makes them pretty darn special. If you applied these over a black I bet they would sing even louder than they do over the "nude" base that I have used in my swatches. This collection gets you a silver, blue, green, burgundy, dark gold and a sparkly black!

Here are the pots again, with a flash--since they're so dark without a flash--I took this just so you could see how awesome they are!

These swatches are also quite straight forward. I really like these ones (am I getting too repetitive yet?!)! I especially love the burgundy colour!

Last collection, Ivory! Even in the pots--you can tell they're going to be neat!

BAM! In this collection youget a silverish sheer white, a peachy colour, a lavender, a gold, a green and a blue! These work wonderfully in the duct and would perform super awesomely over a black base, I would imagine!

And here are all of the swatches sans flash!

I am thoroughly impressed with my purchase from Naked Cosmetics. As you can see, I will have endless endless combinations to play with!! Have you tried Naked Cosmetics? What is your favorite collection? :)


  1. Exactly!!  Everyone wins (especially me!)!!

  2. wow!!!! what an awesome haul! and what great customer service from them! win-win-win. :)

  3. yes! I am amazed! couldn't be nothing but amazed! they look lovely, and it's so hard just to pick one as a favorite! hope you'll have a lot of looks from them, and if you ever get bored of them, please send them to me haha!//Azure

  4. I knew it!!  :)  And yes, the looks with these should be starting soon (I hope!).  And I'll keep your suggestion in mind if I ever get sick of them.   ;)