Monday, April 23, 2012

11 Questions Tag!

Hi Everyone!  I've been tagged by the ever lovely Phlox and Azure of EyeGraffiti to answer 11 fun questions!

The rules of the tag as as follows:

1. Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their "tagger" and post it on their blog
2. Then, choose 11 new people to tag and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. Go to their page and tell them they've been tagged!
5. Do not tag back the person who has already tagged you.

I am totally going to come up with 11 people to tag, too!  (Especially cause I hardly get to play games like this!!)

Here are the questions that were asked of me:

1. If you could be a mutant, what mutant power would you have?

This is a pretty easy one for me, because I've always always always loved X-Men's Rogue and I've *always* wished that I could fly, just like her!!!  I would also really dig having some kind of power that would allow me to transport myself anywhere in a split second.  That would be pretty amazing!  :)

2. Lipstick on the eyes, or eyeshadow on the lips?

Oh gosh!  DEFINITELY eyeshadow on the lips!  Lipstick on the eyes would get soooooo creasy soooooo fast!  

3. Which song is the ultimate best song with lyrics, music and artist included?

That is a tough one.  I've been listening to a LOT of music lately that would be categorized as "ambient" and it doesn't actually have lyrics.  With that said, Max Ritcher's "On the Nature of Daylight" is one of the most beautiful songs in the whole entire world.  It has been popping up lately in some soundtracks (it was featured in Shutter Island, for example).  Here it is, in case you want to take a listen (which you should, you won't regret it!):

4. Do you feel uncomfortable having someone else doing your make up? 

I can't actually remember the last time someone did my makeup!  NO, wait!  That's a lie!  I do remember and it was my friend Michelle and she did some Dita Von Teese inspired look for a Halloween costume that I wore a number of years ago.  I was quite comfortable to have Michelle do it, because I trust her--but I would imagine that I'd be pretty uncomfortable having someone I don't know doing my makeup.  

5. Which celebrity would you like to do a total make over on, and why?

Instead of me making over them, could *they* make over *me*???  I would pick Anne Hathaway to make me over.  Yes, indeed!  Or Scarlett Johansson.  My own fashion sense is terrible, but those two ladies always look so smokin' hott!  So probably what I actually want is for their stylists to make me over!  Ha ha.

6. Which make up trend is getting no where near your face?

The spider lashes!  Ewwwwww!  No thank you!

7. What's your magic trick to get the perfect looking complexion? 

What works for me is only washing my face every other day.  If I wash it (with soap) every day it tends to get too dried out so I only wash it every other day and that seems to work for me.  

8. Colour your hair like the rainbow or shave it all off?

RAINBOW!  I would love to have rainbow coloured hair!!  The idea of having NO hair terrifies me!

9. Best liquid or gel eyeliner you've ever laid your hands on?

So far Inglot's AMC Gel Liner takes the cake.  That stuff doesn't budge once you've applied it.  I love it a lot and I want to have more than just the black one.  In fact, I'll be ordering more soon!

10. What brand do you own most of your make up from and why?

Easy peasy!  Madd Style Cosmetics!  It's awesomely pigmented, vegan-friendly, and made  by a wonderfully awesome girl.  Plus, I represent them as one of their models and I wouldn't do that if I didn't have 100% faith in the products!  (They make some of the bestest vegan lip balms in the WORLD!)

11. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would like to manipulate things in such a way that I could keep my current full-time job but also work towards applying for (and completing) my PhD without losing my mind.  At the moment I view doing my PhD as an impossibility, and I wish that wasn't the case.

YAY!  That was fun!  Thanks to Phlox and Azure for tagging me!!

Now--here are the questions I want to have answered:
1.  If you could hang out with one fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?
2.  You win an $1000 shopping spree for any makeup brand in the world.  Which company would you splurge on and what are the first three products you would buy?
3.  If a movie was being made of your life, who would play you?
4.  What is your favorite book of ALL TIME?  (And if that's too hard, you can pick two or three!  :))
5.  Where do you receive your inspiration?  (For your art, whether it be on your face or otherwise!)
6.  What brand of makeup brushes is your favorite?  Of that brand, which TWO brushes do you use the very most??
7.  What is your favorite time of year and why?
8.  You have 5 minutes to do your makeup for the day.  What do you put on?
9.  If you could visit one city in the world (that you haven't already visited before), which one would you choose?  What would you do there?
10.  If you *had* to choose one kind of makeup to have permanently tattooed to your face, what it would you choose?  (Ie: Eyeliner, Lipstick, Eyebrows, and the like!)
11.  What is your proudest moment?

And now for the people I am tagging!

Jalackie over at Accidentally Mommy!
Emily at Makeup Fancy!
Krissi at Krissi's Art Studio!
Courtney at All Things Glam!
Channy at Mad About Beauty!
Mo at Madd Style!

Okay, that's only 9 people...but if you're reading this and you want to answer my questions, totally do that and comment on this blog with a link to your responses!  I'd love to see what anyone would say!!  :)


  1. Yay for fun!

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  3. i found your answers very amusing! great job! i thought this tag was fun too!!! /Azure