Sunday, April 29, 2012

Madd Style Cosmetics: Mr. Roboto Smoky Eye!

Hi Readers/Watchers!  :)

I'm so excited because I've almost reached an amazing 200 followers/subscribers!!  HOORAY!  I'm so happy that there are many of you who find my posts helpful (or at least entertaining??) enough to want to see what I come up with day to day.

Today brings us to another Madd Style Cosmetics tutorial.  I wanted to use the ever wonderful "Mr. Roboto" as it is featured this week as the C.O.W (the colour of the week--so it's on a special awesome price in the Artfire shop!  Pick it up while you can!).

If you'd like to see how I did this look, then please watch the tutorial.  :)

Here is another shot of the final look:

And in case you missed any of the supplies I used, here is a recap of what you'll need:

(Left to right and top to bottom: Barry M "Intense Black Mascara 3 in 1"; The All Natural Face "Black Eyeshadow Primer"; NYX Eyeshadow base in "White"; MTCoffinz "Under the Rainbow" Eyeshadow Primer; Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on pencils in "Zero" and "Yeyo"; Madd Style Cosmetics piggies (clockwise from the lightest grey): Up in Smoke "Matte Grey", "Touch of Grey", "Mr. Roboto", "Wanderlust", "Birfday Suit", and "Sparkle Motion"; Brushes: Domed Crease, Pointed Crease, Pencil, Flat Shader, Angled Liner, Stiff "Blending", Large Angled, Slanted Shadow, Thin Angled Liner; Matte Black Shadow.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


  1. That thumbnail for youtube is like... elegance & grace.  It's beautiful.  I'm a nerd.

  2. great tutorial. i really like that black base! one can't have too much coloured primers, agree with me?
    and yes gosh, that silver is truly a keeper!/Azure

  3. Heh!  You got it, lady!  That'll give me a good reason to bust out some Honey Badger (the idea wheels are turnin'!)!!  :)

  4. You're so freakin' adorable! I would also like to see a yellow & purple look.

  5. I agree that coloured primers are a good thing to have.  Admittedly though, I only have white and black!  I'm getting a green and a teal gel eyeliner soon that I hope to use as a coloured base, maybe!  

    And thanks!!  :)

  6. Awh geez!!  That's very nice of you to say, Beth!!  <3