Friday, April 27, 2012

Madd Style Cosmetics Turns 2!

Hi All!

To celebrate Madd Style Cosmetics's second birthday, Mo has made not one but TWO Alice in Wonderland themed collections!  Just now she has released sneak peek pics of the two collections: Twisted Wonderland and Psychedelic Wonderland.  She's hosting a giveaway on her blog for each collection and all you gotta do is "comment" on the blogs to enter.  :)

The colour I'm most excited for so far from Twisted Wonderland: Pool of Tears.

How amazing is that???

Psychedelic Wonderland is pretty freakin' wonderful.  Do I even know which colour I am drooling over most??    Yeah, okay, it's probably Mushroom Jazz:

I am so darn excited to see that bright kelly green though--MSC has totally needed one of those in their collection for a LONG TIME.  (Plus, it helps that I'm wearing a bright kelly green tank top as I type this!!)

Both collections go "live" tomorrow and I'm *sure* you aren't going to want to miss out on the party!

Happy Birthday, MSC!

Oh!  And if you want to enter the giveaway(s), be speedy about it!  Both are only running for this evening/early morning so you gotta hop like the white rabbit and get on it!


  1. dear dslrabbt, if you ever want to go out and don't find a baby sitter for your make up, i'll be happy to baby sit these beauties.... i'm serious here. don't be afraid to ask okay?//Azure

  2. Ha ha ha!  I will keep that in mind!!  ;)