Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Happiness Project: Day 13

Well it's (lucky) number 13 Day for the March Happiness project!

And that is a really *hard* topic!  My gut instinct was to go with:

I can't very well go against my gut now, can I??  There was a point in time (what seems like many many many many years ago now) that I could recite this moving line for line.  (I could also do that with Crybaby, but we're not talking about Crybaby right now, are we??)  I love absolutely everything about The Breakfast Club--the music, the actors, the characters, the story--everything.  I wish I could watch it right now!!


  1. Loveeeee that movie! And Pretty in Pink. ::sigh::

  2. Pretty in Pink is a goodie, too!! :)

  3. I still can't figure out what happened to the comment that I swear I left in reply to this!!  You definitely need to watch The Breakfast Club!  It's wonnnnderful!  I have not yet seen The Princess and the Frog, but I loooooove Disney movies!  My husband and I are actually watching them ALL chronologically right now!  The last one we watched was Robin Hood and it made me cry (they usually do though!   Especially the older ones!).  :)

  4. hm how strange as it may sounds, i've never seen it!
    my happy movie would probably be the princess and the frog ( i'm not eight, but i still love it!) or despicable me (what's there not to love huh!)//Azure