Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Happiness Project: Day 28

We're almost done here, folks!  Day 28, already!!

And here's the topic:

Now.  The thing about my dreams is that I only seem to remember my weird work dreams or my nightmares.  I don't remember dreams that make me "happy", necessarily, and so I don't have a super good response for this topic!  I have weird work dreams that make me laugh a lot when I tell them to other work people, but they're not funny on their own.  Something that I do dream a lot about (usually in nightmares) is water and being able to fly (usually away from crazy killers who are after me!).  Water and flying sound like pretty happy things on their own though, right??  I also always do find it pretty curious that I have so many dreams about water.  I should look it up in some kind of dream book, but I'm positive it wouldn't be good news!

What is a happy thing that *you* dream about??  Maybe reading your happy dreams will inspire some happy dreams of my own.  :)

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