Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Happiness Project: Day 7 (+bonus MSC EOTD)

I've been up today since 4:30am and I'm so tired that I keep forgetting what I'm doing at any moment.  BUT.  I didn't forget that I need to do Day 7 of the Happiness Challenge!  And lucky for me, today's topic is a no-brainer.

This is what I found!  7 Steps to smiling--in case you don't know how?

Here is the cliff-notes version:
"1. Enjoy the many benefits of a smile. In order to want to smile, it really helps to know what benefits a smile can bring to your day. 
2, Become comfortable with smiling. If you're not used to smiling regularly, overcoming your nervousness or cynicism about smiling can take a little practice but like any habit, it's easy to reform with time. 
3. Make your smile genuine. While it is perfectly possible to crack a smile when you feel terrible, angry, annoyed, or you're up to something nefarious, a genuine smile is much harder to fake; indeed, only around 10 percent of the population can manage that feat.[7] A genuine smile is detectable by others because it is accompanied by a general glow, smiling eyes where the outer corners crinkle and the lower lid tightens, and a reassuring demeanor that helps the viewer to feel more at ease in your presence. A genuine smile comes from being happy, positive, and from drawing your feelings from the heart.
4. Smile with your eyes. A wholehearted smile will naturally draw in the eyes. It is commonplace to hear a person say "her eyes were smiling", or to say "he didn't mean it; he was smiling but his eyes weren't". The eyes are essential for a genuine, warm smile. Your eyes light up, twinkle, and reflect your happiness. While it's hard to fake this unless you're really feeling it, you can try this exercise:
  • To get a feel for how to make your eyes smile, stand in front of a mirror and practice smiling, but concentrate only on your eyes. You may find it helpful to cover the lower part of your face with a piece of paper. Play around with it a bit, and you'll find that you can make your mouth smile when your eyes aren't smiling, and you can also smile only with your eyes. When your eyes do smile, remember how it feels, which muscles are working and how. With practice, you may discover how to smile with your eyes at will by relying on your feelings and muscle memory. 
[I quoted #4 in its entirety because it is extra hilarious]
 5.  Practice your smile. There is no harm in practicing your smile – doing so will increase your smiling confidence, improve your sense of well-being,[8] and help you to learn which of your smiles are your best. Look at photos of yourself smiling, with a closed mouth, open mouth, and from different angles. Which smiles and poses make your face light up the most? Which smile displays your other features to their best possible advantage? Which smile comes across as the most natural, the most "you"? 
6.  Maintain good mouth hygiene. One thing that can cause you to fear smiling is the worry that there is something stuck between your teeth, or that you have bad breath. Eliminate these hygiene sources of worry by taking active steps to keep your mouth fresh and clean. Brush your teeth regularly, carry floss with you wherever you go so that you can clean up after dining, and have breath freshener on you at all times (natural or commercial). In addition, see your dentist regularly for teeth check-ups and cleaning, as well as discussing options for teeth straightening, etc., if this is a concern for you. When you smile people will inevitably look at your mouth, so following these considerations will help you make a better impression, and, more importantly, a healthy mouth will make you feel more confident about smiling. 
7.  Expect smiling to be difficult in some situations. Smiling on demand can be difficult, whether it's for a photo or for the sake of keeping mom happy when the relatives you can't stand visit. This is because you are feeling self-conscious or you lack a genuine reason for smiling. In these sorts of cases, smiling needs to come from your memory of good smiles along with a little self-kidding or jokes in the head."

That's pretty funny, you have to admit.

And even though I'm dead tired today, I managed to slap some Madd Style Cosmetics on my face.

Products used:
  • MTCoffinz "Under the Rainbow" eye shadow primer
  • NYX Eye shadow Base in "White"
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Brad" applied to the first 2/3rds of the lid
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Yukon Cornelius" applied the outer 1/3rd of the lid
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Zazz" in the outer eye/outer crease (this colour is seriously a bajillion times more awesome in person--I'll have to use it again when I can take pictures in actual DAYLIGHT--I know, I know.  That's crazy talk...) & along the lower lash line
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Golightly" in the duct and inner half-ish of the crease
  • Madd Style Cosmetics "Birfday Suit" as a brow highlight
  • Sugarpill "Bulletproof" for the winged liner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in "Perversion" on the waterline
  • Urban Decay "Lush Lash Mascara" for mascara
The end!  (I think that's the end...*falls asleep on her keyboard*...)


  1. go to bed and get some sleep! it's so nice to just pop in the bed when you're over exhausted and before the head touches the pillow you're deep sleeping haha!
    love this look on you, blue is so beautiful, and the icyness you've managed has quite a WOW effect on me!/Azure

  2. Going to bed was SO MUCH FUN last night, seriously!  I kept myself up until I knew that I'd fall right asleep--just like you said!  

    And thank you!  The blues were fun.  I'm sad that the colour "Zazz" didn't photograph up to its potential--but some colours are just like that!  :)