Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Happiness Project: Day 3


It's another day for some happiness--and this day is related to food, so that makes me pretty darn happy!

What's the topic you ask?

So the thing about this one is that it's hard!!  I'm a serious lover of food.  Some might even go so far as to call me a foodie!  As was with the quote topic, I was speaking about this with my husband and said that I was going to have a hard time picking something!  He thought that I would want to pick something like popcorn or these vegan taquitos that I really like to eat when I'm feeling frivolous--but for me "comfort food" is more about the foods that I've grown up with or ones that I crave when I just want to eat "good" food.  So the more "junky" food is not what I thought of when I thought of this topic (although popcorn the way I make it can hardly be considered "junky" as it's mostly just air popped with a bit of sea salt and nutritional yeast on top!).

My comfort food has gotta be perogies.  I am half Ukrainian and my paternal Ukrainian Grandmother actually taught my maternal Non-Ukrainian Grandmother how to make them (at least I am pretty sure that is who taught my maternal Grandma how to make them!).  My paternal Grandma's perogies were quite small--or maybe they're just small in comparison with the HUGE perogies that my maternal Grandmother makes!  Most of my perogi memories revolve around my maternal Grandmother.  She makes really big batches of them for our family dinners and I grew up helping her make them.  The ones I grew up with were RICH RICH things--made with Velveeta cheese (no less!) and then we'd always top them with a cream and onion sauce.  Mmmmm.  When Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter (or any other good excuse for a huge batch of perogies existed) rolled around--we'd always keep track of how many we ate just to see who could eat the most!

Of course, now that I'm vegan, things are a bit different!  I can still make some pretty badass (vegan) perogies though!

(I actually haven't made a batch of these bad-boys in a couple of years--I have to rectify that soon!)

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to go check out what Lizzy and Courtney said were their comfort foods!


  1. hm.... and now i'm hungy haha! well i bet your vegan pirogies rocks!!//Azure

  2. Who knew potatoes and dough and "cheese" could make such an amazing combination?!  :)