Sunday, March 16, 2014

30 Day Happiness Challenge. Day 15!

Today's topic perplexed me.  I had a rather trying day and then it ended in a trying way so I was feeling rather...ambivalent when I walked in the door when coming home for the evening.  Thankfully I had a bottle of wine in hand and I knew the night was looking up, even after the long week and long day!  

But then!  I had a surprise waiting for me for dinner.  GRAVY!  I had been talking about how I wanted to have gravy for the potatoes we were planning to eat and then I was surprised with wonderful gravy which I proceeded to pour over the entire contents of my dinner plate (fried tofu, steamed kale and roasted potatoes).  Gravy can turn any sub-par day into a WONDERFUL and very happy day.

+1 for Gravy and for the people who make it for us!  :)


  1. Gravy ROCKS!! as do the rest of the ingredients, hooray for veggies!

  2. RIGHT?! We've recently discovered how to make a darker gravy (by looking the roux longer) and boy oh boy is it ever tasty! Yay veggies, too! Yes!