Monday, March 31, 2014

30 Day Happiness Challenge! Day 30!

At first I was lamenting that I had forgotten to do these posts on Saturday and Sunday.  And then I realized I was missing the whole point of the challenge.  It's not so much about if you do it every day, but that you blogged 30 (or 31!) HAPPY blogs!  That is an accomplishment all in itself!  

I think I do!  But it also helps that March was a pretty great month.  Which isn't always the case as March has some tough emotional baggage in my life; that I can come to the end of the month in a lighter mood really does count for a LOT!

Thanks (again) to my friend Lizzy for putting together this challenge.  I think there is so much we can all do to choose our mood and how we want to feel and things like this can really help to put us into the right frame of mind.  :)

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