Saturday, March 22, 2014

30 Day Happiness Project! Day 22!

Daaaay 22!  Today I had the day off and I'll be working tomorrow--something different for a Sunday.  I did have a rather successful day as I managed to get out, in the rain, to run just over 10.5 kilometers.  Hooray for that.  The not-so-hooray part is that now my running shoes are soaking wet and they better dry in time for me to pack them up to bring with me to Florida on Monday!

What's the topic of today?

But...I have so many favourite people!

One of my favorite people is about to graduate from Law School next week!  I'm so sad that I won't be able to see her convocation, but at least other people from my family will be there to see it and they better take a million pictures.  This person has long light brown hair, side-swept bangs, and blue eyes (one of them is sleepy, but that can't hold her back!).  She has the ugliest feet you will *EVER* see in your entire life, BUT, she has a heart of gold.  Even though she's my "little" sister, she's taller than me (*grumbles") and you can often find her in clothes she borrowed stolen from her unsuspecting friends.  She's very determined and confident and that confidence is something she has worked very hard for.


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