Wednesday, March 26, 2014

30 Day Happiness Challenge! Day 26!

Ut ohs!  The 30 Day Challenge is almost over!  I'm curious to know what you all find to be a fun thing to blog about...whenever I get in the habit of blogging, I get toe enjoying the ritual of doing it each day.  I'm just not sure that I could think of something to blog about every day!  Thank goodness for blogging challenges, I guess! (Thanks Lizzy!)

Ah-ha!  I had a few movies that I really enjoyed growing up.  The Little Mermaid, of course.  It was a classic in my household.  And along with that, strangely enough, was Dirty Dancing.  For some reason, when I was younger, it was a bit of a tradition that we would watch Dirty Dancing at Christmastime.  Don't ask me how that was just the way things were!  When I was last up home in August, I even managed to catch it on T.V. and watched a bit of it with my Mom.  She fell asleep, but I ended up watching it to the end.  

Oh, nostalgia!

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