Monday, March 17, 2014

30 Day Happiness Challenge! Day 17!

Oh boy!  We've made it past the halfway point!  I guess technically that happened yesterday, but blogging from an ipod does not lead one to wax poetic.  Not that I am feeling particularly verbose today--having had gotten up at 4:45am this morning and not really sleeping all that well (I think I've been awake since around 3:30am...but who is keeping track?!!).  Oh well though!  I got off work while they sun was shining and I meandered home along the seawall so I call today a success!

It also does happen to be March 17th and for a lot of people, this is cause to wear green.  I didn't actually wear green today.  Oops?

It's Monday night--I don't care of it's a "holiday"!  Ha ha...Here's what I'm about to crack open:

The orange one, the one in the middle!  Cyoni makes *the best* orange juice in the world.  I could drink it every single day.

What'cho drinking?

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