Friday, March 28, 2014

39 Day Happiness Challenge! Day 28!

Day 28 means it's almost April!  That means it's almost May!  And *that* means it's almost June which means it's almost my birthday!  Ha ha!  Hooray!

Open up any Kurt Vonnegut book and you'll pretty much find a quote that makes me happy.  I'm not sure that I have a quote, necessarily, that makes me happy.  Whenever quote questions come up on quizzes and in things like this, I always just have to google a quote and figure out one that makes me happy.  But I feel like that's cheating and that a lot of people have a stock of quotes that they like.  I"m not so much one of those people.  But Kurt Vonnegut books are filled with gold, in the ways of quotes.  He had such a unique approach to literature and to speaking about the world and human experience.  A way that is both harrowing, but beautiful.  A way that is perhaps too brutally honest.  

If you've never read any of his books, you should!  I've read so many that they've all bled together in my mind.  

If you *have* read one of his books, which is your favorite??  :)

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